10,000 Candles In The Wind

Parks And Recreation and Parenthood ended.

And I find myself, for the first time, not regularly watching an NBC show.

For most people, this would not be a big deal, but for me this is kind of a huge deal.

The first shows that I really followed, were Friends and ER. The first death of a TV character that I will never get over for as long as I live was Mrs. Landigham on The West Wing.  The first time I ever said, “I really miss those guys,” was when I realized that there weren’t reruns of Will & Grace on anywhere. (This has been, mercifully, rectified. Now there are Will & Grace reruns, ALL THE TIME. And it is glorious.) I realized there was a whole world that loved my kind of movie quoting, semi sarcastic, more heart than head but still a lot of head, comedy with 30 Rock and The Office. I watched every last stinking episode of American Dreams, Heroes, and Smash.

I’m an NBC girl, I guess is my point.

So saying goodbye to these two shows that I loved so much, isn’t just saying good bye to them, but, it’s saying good bye to my network. Now, I guess, I’m a Fox person…which is weird, but yeah. Gotham, Mindy Project, New Girl, Brooklyn 99 and Empire are my shows now, there’s no turning back. It’s a part of my pop culture identity that has shifted and it’s a weird one to say good bye too, because even in the scheme of the trivial things that I spend too much time analyzing, is unbelievably trivial. I’m sure next year I’ll fall in love with some doomed NBC project, whatever the next Up All Night or Smash is that I’ll keep assuring people, is “like really good though,” even though it kind of isn’t, at all…

But Parks & Rec and Parenthood were good. They were really good, and I’m going to miss them. I’m going to miss that these were both shows about good people who loved each other and wanted to make the world a better place. They were about and families, and friends, and barbeques, and waffles, and baseball, and board games, and one tiny horse.

So bye, bye, little Peacock, you’re 10,000 candles in the wind.


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