Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 2 Episodes 1 &2

And we’re back! I missed Kim and Ron and Rufus last week, and I was really excited to see how we progress from here. But, let’s get started.

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 2: Episode 1 “Naked Genius”

Ron is failing algebra, which, shouldn’t really surprise anyone, but the opening, which features Ron waking up from a nightmare where he’s failing to learn that he is actually failing is a lot of fun. Kim tells Ron that he’s not stupid, he just has untapped potential and he scoffs at her.

I don’t blame him, that’s a crappy thing to be told about yourself.

Meanwhile, Drakken and Shego are trying to steal the top secret Project Femus, of course Kim and Ron stop them, but the machine shoots a ray in the meantime. As it turns out, Rufus gets the brunt of it. A return to The Possibles shows that Rufus now understands algebra!

Also, The Dr. Possibles go line dancing and Kim gets to ground the tweebs when they blow something up.

Drakken is trying to design a doomsday device but keeps just doodling, because he didn’t get the genius. Ron, in the meantime, is using Rufus to do his homework, but they get noticed and get a lot of attention. So, Drakken and Shego kidnap him to build the Doomsday device. He manages to build it, perfectly by accident.

In the meantime, Kim figures out that Project Feebus does by talking to it’s creator, a unibomber type genius who’s wholed up in a shack in the woods. Kim and Rufus save Ron, and the genius ray wears off…or does it? 

Season 2 Episode 1 “Grudge Match”

Hey look! Another episode that I could apply some serious feminist theory to! Kim, Ron and Monique go to the movies, and Ron insta-crushes on the new girl working there but insists based on the unwritten “rules” of dating, he can’t ask her out. Monique sympathizes, and Kim is immediately not into the idea of rules. Then Mr. Dr. P. buzzes them for help.

Apparently an AI robot, who was destined to go to Jupiter, has been stolen, and Kim has to find it. The Robotics expert, Dr. Fen, points them in the direction of his old assistant, Vivian. Vivian is a typical curvy blonde, speaks with a lilting valley girl accent, and is dating a nerd for no outlined reason.

Hey want to guess who the real robotics expert is?

Anyway, Kim figures out that Fen was in fact leeching off of Vivian, who publishes academically, as Dr. VF Porter, and her nerd boyfriend is in fact an A.I. she built as a cover because, “my colleagues weren’t ready to accept someone who looks like me.”

Hey, you want to know what sucks? When women are reduced to being one thing. It’s just the worst, ever.

Meanwhile, Ron is buying tickets for every movie, trying to get up the guts to break the rules, which Kim insists don’t exist, and ask out Zeeta, the ticket taker girl. He doesn’t succeed, but they run into each other and she’s clearly into him too. It’s fun.

Aside from the awesome message of not judging books, or whatever, we also get my favorite kind of Kim here, which is exasperated Kim. She’s really great. She’s had it with Ron and his stupid rules. She’s had it with Cousin Larry, who helps them track down Vivian. She’s had it with the tweebs, when a robot they built goes after her. She’s just had it. And it’s pretty fun to watch.

Boo-Yas and Nacos

  • In Kim Possible news (didn’t think there would be any!) Will Friedle has been cast as the voice of Star-Lord in Guardians of The Galaxy: The Animated Series. I’m really excited about this. It makes for Will’s 3rd (4th if you count Ron) superhero. We can only hope that Christie Carlson Romano shows up as Carol Danvers…or maybe even Kitty Pryde. (COULD YOU IMAGINE?)
  • Kim and Ron’s algebra teacher is voiced by Mindy Cohn, best known as Natalie from The Facts of Life. 
  • Wade gets really annoyed at Ron’s genius and it’s really cute. There’s also a fun gag where trying to teach Ron math literally makes Wade bang his head against his desk.
  • Drakken’s kid-like drawings are amazing, as is Shego’s dismissal of them. Also, Drakken knows that he knows Ron when he sees him on TV, just not from where. The villains forgetting Ron is a fun gag.
  • Kim gets a new street clothes look. Purple cargo pants and a white crop top with a heart. I miss the jeans and green tank top, but it is cute.
  • New almost catch phrase for Ron: “I am what I is!”
  • Not a lot of stand out stuff in “Grudge Match,” but the Romantic Comedy that Ron goes to when he’s trying to get his guts up is hilariously cliched, and when the crowd urges him to “Go to Kim! She’s waiting for you!” it’s incredibly funny.

Alright, so we’re back. Next week, I’ll be back to posting on Tuesday. It’s going to be weird getting back in this rhythm, taking the week off was necessary, but I almost forgot to do it this week!


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