Batman Eternal 43-46

We are so close to the end of Batman Eternal Season 1. (I didn’t call it that, I think Mark Doyle did). I still haven’t decided if I’m going to keep this monthly recap going. I’m definitely still going to read the book weekly, because well, it seems like it’s the only place we’re going to get to Steph and Harper for a while. (Unless Convergance really shakes things up, but since even The New 52 barely touched the Bat Books, I seriously doubt that’s going to be a factor.)

Anyway, let’s talk about this month. Harper is officially Blue Bird and she’s a total bad ass. She saves Steph from Selina, well, kind of. But it’s clear that our little Spoiler knows more than she’s let on, and Selina wants that information. So when Bruce and Harper go to extract Steph, well, they’re floored when she doesn’t want their help.

Oh, also, Tim shows up all mysterious and bad ass in sunglasses, and I just want to hug him and tell him that it’s OK, he can be the lame little nerd that he is and no one will judge him.

We judge him for the feathers.

Anyway, Steph explains that she doesn’t trust Batman because she overheard her father receiving instructions from Bruce Wayne, which is insane and Harper tells her so. Also, Harper doesn’t tell Bruce this, for her own reasons. Also she and Steph really don’t get along, but I get the feeling that Harper is one of those “girls that doesn’t get along with other girls,” or they’re trying to make her one, since they also had her butting heads with Babs.

Anyway, Batwing is fighting ghosts in his apartment, which it turns out are actual ghosts that were released when Hellfire opened the portal to Hell, quite literally. I wish I’d paid more attention to that storyline, but as you may recall that was during all of the Jason/Barbara stuff…so…anyway…he was fighting ghosts and so was Bruce, and then Bruce figured out that R’as Al Ghul was probably behind this and then he hallucinated ALL OF THE BATMEN EVER, including multiple futures (Dick-Bats, Terry and Damian…I don’t know who I want to see more.) And it turns out that Ra’s is in bed and not in charge of the burning of Gotham.

So, not Falcone, not Hush, not Riddler, not R’as.

So it’s Joker then. There’s no one else big enough. But I’m also not going to guess, because I really thought it was R’as.

It’s not Bruce right? That would be ridiculous…Maybe it’s Owl Man? Did he stick around after Forever Evil? (Note to self, read Forever Evil…) I don’t know. But I guess we’ll know soon. Or soon ish? I don’t know. I miss Jason and Barbara flirting.


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