Under Onus

Hey guys!

I wasn’t sure what to write about today and then I remembered that Sparks Nevada Marshall On Mars #1 comes out today, so I’m going to talk about The Thrilling Adventure Hour, and why I’m so excited about this.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour is a live show in the style of old time radio, which is also broadcast once a week as a podcast.

The show is separated into several segments, the two largest of with are Beyond Belief and Sparks Nevada. But since Beyond Belief  #1 doesn’t hit stores for another month, we’re just going to talk about Sparks Nevada today.

Sparks Nevada is a space cowboy, in the distant future he “rights the outlaw wrongs on Mars,” which is pretty amazing. Excuse me, Ga’loot Pra’ctaw. He’s joined by a cast of amazing characters, but most importantly, his faithful Martian Companion, Croach.

Sparks and Croach are best friends, which is complicated because Martians don’t really have emotions, and Sparks is 12 years old, emotionally speaking. So they fight a lot. They also, for a time, had a relationship with the same woman, The Red Planes Rider. Red is a human who was raised by Croach’s tribe, and now she’s with Croach.

There are so many things about this that I really love and while the live show is ending, (NOOOOOOO), we’re getting the comics and I can’t wait to play around in this world a little bit more. Right after New York Comic Con, the Sparks Nevada #0 came out and it showed the real and true canon meeting of Sparks and Croach, which was very exciting and it was a lot of fun.

I’m generally looking forward to seeing where the comic book goes, and I badly hope that we’ll see some of Drunk Croach throughout the run of the book.

See, there was a run of the show for a while, where Sparks was elsewhere for some reason, I don’t remember the details, and Croach discovered alcohol and we all met Drunk Croach, who is both belligerent and self righteous, and spews his favorite insult, “Butt-Milk,” at anyone who gets in his way. This is altogether my favorite thing in the world. (Except for when the Artificial Intelligence of The Space Saloon had a crush on Croach, I ship them, which sounds weird, but in the world of the show makes perfect sense.

Sparks, in the meantime, is just a really fun character. He’s immature, petulant and a hero in his own mind. But he also does a lot of heroic things, but he’s just kind of a dick about it. But there’s a whole world of characters here that I’m really looking forward to getting to know better. Update some other time this week or next about the issue itself.

The problem this month is that it comes the same week as Bitch Planet, Ms. Marvel, and Batman & Robin, which is an embarrassment of riches leaves me in a huge “where to begin,” place.

I genuinely considered giving up comics for Lent, but realized the pressure it would put on me to catch up at the end of the 5 weeks would be way too much, and while I have a real sacrifice (I’m revising The Chronicles of Cammadan for an hour a day…that’s a huge deal for me) I wasn’t ready to quite go all the way on this one.

Anyway, shine your astro spurs and don your robot fist, because it’s time our favorite thrilling adventure!


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