Sailor Moon Check In: Seriously Though, The Cats

Hey everyone, due to packing and planning and Spider-related nonsense, it took me a while to get around to this week’s Sailor Moon Stuff. But I managed to squeeze it in!

Sailor Moon


Nopety, Nope, Nope

Original Anime

Three week’s worth and all I can think of is how much I love Luna. Seriously, she’s just the best. But other really cute and fun things happened, like everyone went to a desert buffett, where they met Esmeraude, and then they all got the flu, and Minako and Chibi-Usa were very bad at taking care of them. Oh right, and Pluto sent them all into Chibi-Usa’s subconscious, to save her from being in a bad dark moon coma or something. And they made friendship bracelets. And then they all went to the zoo and Artemis got all angry because Luna can be kind of a jerk sometimes and he decided to save the animals, but I mean, he’s just a tiny little boy cat and this is Sailor Moon, so it’s not like he can do much. Also Usagi and Mamoru are back together which has no plot bearing at all, and a dog peed on Esmeraude.

Also a bunch of stupid boys said that Ami was cheating because of sexism I think? But then Mako just beat them up, because she’s the best.


I really liked this episode of Crystal, after the sort of underwhelming choices made in the finale, I was worried, but I’m already attached to Chibi-Usa, who seems way less ominous here, just sort of confused and determined, and I like that. Also, the scene where Mamoru met Usagi’s family for the first time and they just didn’t care about him, because there is this adorable pink haired child in front of them. We’ve already met most of the Dark Moon clan and disposed of Koan, which is, like, crazy. We already know that Prince Demande is the one in charge here, except he’s answering to Wise Man. Also, we’ve got an updated opening with Sailor Pluto and Chibi-Usa and the new baddies.

I’m excited to watch this arc plays out, and I think it’s going to suit Crystal’s style a lot better than the first arc.


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