So I had this whole well thought out piece about Jupiter Ascending and feminism, and The Amory Wars, but then Sony, and Marvel and Kevin Feige had to SCREW THAT UP, by anouncing that Spider-Man is going to be in the MCU.

That isn’t the only thing they screwed up though.

I don’t know how to say this without being contradictory and weird.

But I don’t understand this decision from Marvel’s perspective unless they were having serious story issues with Civil War, in which case,WHY DID YOU PICK CIVIL WAR?

I get it from Sony’s end, because, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was dissapointing. (I should note, as anyone who read my review of it can tell, I didn’t think it was awful, it wasn’t great, by ANY MEANS, but it could have been way worse.)

I was really excited, in fact, until I understood that this would push Black Panther and Captain Marvel back. And while I’m psyched that Captain Marvel is now allegedly going to open on my 30th birthday (a truly awesome and horrifying fact, as I WANT to think about a Captain Marvel movie coming out but don’t want to think about turning 30…)

I’m still pretty excited though, mostly because I didn’t understand how Civil War was going to work without Spidey, and also because Kevin Feige now has a say in the direction of Spider-Man on the big screen and I’m pretty sure that Kevin Feige could have made Batman & Robin work, he is that good at making superhero movies. I’m also disappointed that Andrew Garfield isn’t going to keep the role of Peter Parker.

Or that the movie is going to be about Peter Parker.

I mean, why isn’t it about Miles Morales?

I mean, I know why it isn’t about Miles. I’m just really happy, frustrated, confused by this whole development.

Which I guess, just means, Mr. Fiege, you have great power.

And we all know what comes with great power.

Also, if we have to sit through a ten minute scene of Peter getting bitten by that damn spider again….


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