Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 1: Episode 21

Well, we’ve reached the end of season 1, and it’s been a pretty cool 10 weeks, don’t you think? I’ll dive into season 2 in a few weeks. (I’m going to Florida next weekend for my cousin James’s wedding, so I’m taking it off from watching episodes of a cartoon that I watched once ten years ago.)

Anyway, let’s talk about this week’s episode, shall we?

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 1: Episode 21: “Low Budget”

The thing about this episode is that there are so many things that have built to it. We see Kim with a marine biologist talking about saving the manatees, who Ron hilariously refers to as “giant aquatic naked mole rats.” A couple of redneck-y guys who are disturbing the habitat, Kim gets into a fight with, and then she also fights an alligator.

The alligator does shred her pants, so Kim and Ron run to Smarty-Mart, a definite Wal-Mart stand in to get her a new pair. Kim is mortified to be wearing the discount duds rather than her usual Club Banana wear, but she sucks it up. Ron on the other hand, love Smarty-Mart a lot.

Now, as a girl who owns many Target sun dresses and once put together an entire semi-formal outfit from Wal-Mart, I really love this episode. (It was the end of the semester and I didn’t have enough cash to go to the mall and get something, so sparkly leggings and a velvet tunic made their appearance. It wasn’t one of my best looks, but I am still proud that it wasn’t a total disaster.) Anyway, at the mall to get the good pants, all technology is hijacked by Frugal Luchre, who demands each person on the planet gives him a dollar, else he’ll crash the internet.

Kim and Ron are unimpressed by this guy. They’ve been through a lot at this point, and he’s really nothing special, but when Kim can’t buy her Club Banana pants, things get serious. Wade helps them track down Luchre, who is actually Francis Lurhman, a Smarty-Mart employee. His crash the internet plan involves a can of expired Vienna sausages and a run through Smarty-Mart foils his plans.

In the end, Kim accepts that discount shopping is valid, but she still insists that the identical Smarty-Mart & Club Banana merch is different, not just labeled differently.

Boo-Yas & Nacos

  • Luchre is voiced by Richard Kind, who’s amazing, and also it is revealed later on that he and Drakken are cousins, which is completely fabulous.
  • Ron bought Rufus at Smarty-Mart, which is part of why he loves the place so much.
  • Smarty-Mart and Club Banana are owned by the same corporation, which also makes Smarty-Mart Old Navy, I guess? (I have often salivated over something at Banana Republic and then bought the Old Navy version, which really is never as nice.)
  • Lucre’s death trap is a bunch of snapping turtles in a baby pool, which is frankly, hilarious.
  • There are so many good jokes in this episode, I can’t even begin quoting them, but when Ron is trying to retrieve the sausages from a customer, he points the man towards cheese, and the line, “Oh the cheese!” was something I’d forgotten about and instantly remembered thinking is the funniest thing in any episode of Kim Possible.

So in two weeks, I’ll start on Season 2. I’m really excited to get into the more inside joke type stuff that starts coming up in the later seasons.


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