Did that really just happen?

So Friday was kind of a big day for comics, right? It’s going to be a really big summer for superheroes, and I’m actually really excited about. (Hey, remember this time last year, when I was really nervous about reading monthly series, you know, monthly? How far we have come…)

First up, we have the post Convergance line up for DC, with The New 52 gone (as a brand, not as a continuity. Trust me, this is a good thing!) There’s an incredible bunch of new books that are going to come back, and I’m going to talk about the ones that I’m going to be reading here. (Only the new stuff, I’m not dropping many books post Convergance! For the full list of the new titles, check out this link!)

Batman Beyond
Written by Dan Jurgens; Art by Bernard Chang

I haven’t decided if I’m going to read this or not. I loved Batman Beyond: Universe, and whether I read this, I’m looking to what Terry’s status quo after Future’s End is going to be before I make that call. I also might read issue 1 and go from there.

Black Canary
Written by Brenden Fletcher; Art by Annie Wu

Guys, seriously? The fact that Fletcher is writing a Black Canary solo series is possibly the best gift anyone’s given me. Actually that Black Canary is getting a a solo series is incredible. I’m not surprised, given the Arrow of it all, but can we all just celebrate the fact that she’s going to be fronting a girl band, and fighting crime, I’m just, unable to contain myself. I immediately tweeted and Brenden my excitement. I couldn’t contain it.

Written by David Walker; Art by Ivan Reis

I was so excited about Black Canary that at first I didn’t realize that Cyborg was happening. He’s getting his own book. I love Victor Stone so much in team contexts, that I’m really really look forward to seeing him do his own thing. I hope it works, because Cyborg really is a great character.

Martian Manhunter
Written by Rob Williams; Art by Ben Oliver

Yeah, I just, I’m so happy. Everytime I look at the list I really can’t believe that my 3 favorite non Bat-Family characters are going to have their own books. Seriously. I mean, seriously.

Red Hood/Arsenal
Written by Scott Lobdell; Art by Denis Medrl

I was, at first really bummed about the cancellation of Red Hood And The Outlaws, especially because their annual was possibly my favorite comic of the past two months, but the more I thought about it, the better I thought this was for the characters. Pretty much this past year has been Starfire’s story overshadowing Roy and Jason, so giving them more space to do things, isn’t at all bad. I am going to miss Outlaws though. In a big way.

Robin: Son of Batman
Written by Patrick Gleason; Art by Patrick Gleason

It’s about time Damian got a book all to himself. That is all.

Written by Jimmy Palmiotti & Amanda Conner; Art by Emanuela Lupacchino


We Are Robin
Written by Lee Bermejo; Art by Khary Randolph

I have no idea what this is. But the cover is a bunch of kids in Robin costumes flying through the air. This will probably be my new favorite comic book of all time.

And over in Marvel land, a still awesome, but totally different announcement. G. Willow Wilson is going to be writing an all female Avengers book called A-Force, that will presumably be lead by She-Hulk. This almost makes up for She-Hulk being cancelled. Almost. I’m so glad that Wilson is getting more books, because it’s all just Ms. Marvel trickle down.

So, yeah. Who else is ready for this? I am so ready for this.


3 thoughts on “Did that really just happen?

  1. I’m so ready for any new comics to come out but I have been immersed in Marvel Universes for all of my life. I have most recently wanted to begin my relationship with DC, but I have NO IDEA where to start. Most I’ve asked, have said to wait until Convergence begins…what say you?


    • Honestly? I would wait until Convergance, simply because getting invested when things are going to change might not be the best plan.

      I personally started by taking out the Volume 1 trades of the New 52 titles that I was interested in, and built out from there. Not all of it is great. I honestly had a lot of trouble getting into what they were doing with Superman until about 5 months ago. Some of it is incredible, particularly the Batman & Batfamily stuff. I’m partial to it, granted, and I’ve always been a DC fan, so I knew a lot of the basic beats and rhythms of the stories because of that.

      I’m ALWAYS looking for new ways into Marvel, because until a year ago, I really wasn’t into the universe at all. I’m still not as immersed in it as I am DC by a long shot. Good luck and have fun!

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