DC Animated Movies: Justice League: Throne of Atlantis


Back with a vengeance, what can I tell you? Mostly I didn’t want to be so backed up that me reviewing Batman Vs Robin would look ridiculous. (Although, I can already point to like 7 things about that movie that are going to annoy me…) So I decided to swallow my luke warm feelings about Justice League:War and Assault on Arkham and give Throne of Atlantis something of a fair shake.

I don’t know if it was my low expectations, or that Heath Corson has figured out the rhythms of writing these team movies, or a shake up in voice cast, or the spot on characterization that New 52 Aquaman has, but this movie was pretty stinking wonderful.

The plot: Oh, the plot. So the Justice League isn’t really a thing, because, as you may recall from War, these guys don’t actually like each other all that much, but Clark and Diana are totes hooking up, so there’s that. We know that at some point Bruce is busy with the whole, “learning he has a kid who’s also a super assassin,” thing, and uh, that’s about it. Anyway, when a nuclear sub gets attacked, the League regroups and try to figure out what happened.

Meanwhile, in Florida, Young Arthur Curry is mourning his father. (It’s not New 52 without dead parents!) He’s drunk in a local seafood place and befriends a lobster in a tank. When someone orders the lobster he gets into a fight with them.

Yes, that’s right, Aquaman fights some dudes over his lobster friend, and this is my new favorite thing to ever happen. He’s being watched by two people, a scientist who wants to prove the existence of Atlantis, and Mera, of Atlantis.

The League figures out that something is totally up with that nuclear sub. Turns out that Prince Orm and Black Manta want to start a war with the surface, and Queen Atlanna is like, “mmm, maybe not.” She’s also convinced that Arthur, her illegitmate half human son needs to come rule Atlantis. So, the Justice League tracks down Arthur, and they all go to Atlantis and there are battles and betrayals, and in the end, the invite him to join the League that isn’t really a league, and also Victor gets a girlfriend.


Look, I just really enjoyed the movie, mayyybbbee I was a little buzzed, but for the most part I thought it was great, and fun and much more on tone than it’s predecessor.

Voice Cast! Some returned from War others were different. First and foremost Nathan Fillion is back as Hal Jordan, which is frankly, great. Rosario Dawson is Wonder Woman, and, yeah, I don’t think I need to elaborate, beyond the fact that I love her look in this movie, and I love the idea that Rosario Dawson is Wonder Woman, at long last. Jason O’Mara is Batman, as I’ve said before, he’s grown on me, but he’ll never be my favorite, certainly not within hours of seeing a movie with Conroy. Jerry O’Connell is Superman and Sean Astin is Shazaam, and that just makes me no end of happy. They also do better by Shazam in this movie, because it doesn’t play on his stupid revamped origin that I hate.

There’s a post credit tag that shows Lex Luthor visiting Orm in prison, so I’m interested in seeing how that goes, as these movies continue. But I do think, either I’m settling into this world, or it’s finding it’s groove, and that’s a good thing.


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