Mr. Kiss And Tell Boldy Goes Where No Marshmallow Has Gone Before

Veronica Mars

It wasn’t until about halfway through Mr. Kiss And Tell, the most recent Veronica Mars mystery novel, that I realized one of the benefits of continuing the story as novels rather than movies or TV shows is that you can do things that probably wouldn’t fly if it had come back that way.

I just don’t see being able to sell an episode (or arc) of the show about Veronica solving the rape and beating of a hooker by a college basketball coach.

Not that the show really shied away from such things, but it is just a shade darker than the show ever was, especially when you learn that the identity of the victim is Grace Manning.

To all but the biggest superfan, this is probably not overly disturbing, but the idea of that innocent little girl that Duncan and Veronica found locked in a closet at 8, is now a working girl, is pretty upsetting. Grace also points out that it wasn’t as if after that initial encounter, Veronica ever did anything to help the Mannings, except help Duncan steal a baby from them.

So Veronica uses that guilt as well as her hard won desire to bring about justice for every rape survivor, to solve this case.

It’s a good mystery, and she enlists Wallace and Mac (obvi) as well as Leo D’Amato, and even toys with their flirtation as being more than just professional, especially when Logan makes the decision to leave shore duty a bit early, but no, LoVe is forever, not to be broken again. It was fun to hang out with Leo again, he was always a character that I liked a lot.

There was also movement of Weevil’s case (all of it devestating) and Neptune has a new sheriff, who has a history with Keith.

It’s a worthy entry in the Veronica Mars canon if a jarring one and I appreciated the switching viewpoints, between Veronica and Keith throughout the book this time. Also, I don’t see how you can bring the Mannings back into the plot in this big a fashion has to be setting things up to bring Duncan and that kid back right?



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