Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 1 Episodes 17 & 18

It’s Batman Eternal week again, so, we’re a day early on the KP recap this week. We’re really getting into the best stuff in the series now, when it’s settled into it’s patterns but everything was still fresh and exciting. Which is why I’m so excited to keep going. We’re almost through Season 1! Can you believe it?

But for now, let’s talk about this week!

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 1: Episode 17 “The Twin Factor”

I really am enjoying the Possible family this time around and I’m really pretty excited about it. It’s really just proof of how great this series and it’s weird little world were, that by this point we’re invested enough to have a whole episode about Kim’s relationship with her brothers.

Drakken and Shego break into a lab and steal a microchip. They immediately call Kim to investigate and she happily agrees, not long after Jim and Tim snap a picture of her, moisturizing mask on face, tooth paste in mouth and blast it out to the entire town of Middleton, furious and embarassed Kim’s looking forward to getting away.

Unfortunately the Dr. P’s are off to have a romantic day of fly fishing, and Kim is stuck babysitting. She does get permission to take the boys on the mission with her, but not before they take apart the Kimunicator for parts.

While the scientist that they’re helping thinks that the boys are a lot of fun, they are making a good deal of mayhem and Kim is at the end of her rope with them. Anyway, the tech that Drakken took was full on mind control and he’s using it to make Shego completely obedient, which in the end, he realizes, isn’t what he wants from her at all. (D’aww)

Anyway, going after Drakken, Kim finds herself under his control as well, (and in a Shego costume, which is fun) and Ron, Rufus and the Tweebs get her back to herself. In the end, it something that the Tweebs build that saves the day and Kim is really proud of them. Super sweet.

Season 1: Episode 18: “Animal Attraction”

Animology is sweeping the nation! This strange fad has you take a personality quiz to determine an animal and color that describe yourself. Initially Kim scoffs at it, but eventually succumbs, and learns that she’s A Blue Fox, unable to resist and challenge and a born leader. Ron, on the other hand is a pink sloth, meaning is an outsider, lazy and follower.

Animology is actually pretty spot on. It should also be noted that the soulmate of the Blue Fox is supposed to be The Yellow Trout, who it turns out is Senor Senior Jr! (Kim and Junior, not actually soulmates…)

Anyway, The Seniors are regrouping after their latest scheme at The Billionaire’s club, when they learn that being villains has gotten them kicked out, bent of revenge, Senior decides to actually freeze the assests of the other members. Literally, with a giant flash freezer traditionally used for corn dogs.

Junior, is much more interested in finding his Blue Fox, and in fact, after finding out that Kim is meant to be his soul mate, he saves her, and decides to dedicate his life to pursuing her. It’s kind of a shame that this never goes anywhere, it could have been a full through line, but we never really hear about it again.

Boo-Ya’s and Nacos

  • “Hicka Bikka Boo?” “Hoo-sha” FINALLY at long last, we get the Tweeb’s catch phrase. Shown the first time after Ron commends them for not having their own language, thus making them less weird than most twins. Speaking as the cousin of two sets, and a friend of several others, twins are kind of weird. But I also love every twin I’ve ever met.
  • The Dr. P’s go fishing and Mrs. Dr. P wears an adorable hat, and I love them.
  • I love that Wade and The Tweebs are the same age and intelligence level and that Wade is just more focused. It’s a good little joke and fun little bit of world building.
  • Kim: He’ll probably use it to control the world.
    Ron: Or make everyone listen to stories about his twisted childhood.
    Drakken: And then, when I was in fourth grade…
  • Bonnie immediately calls Kim when the pic goes viral to mock her. It’s nice to have people you can count on.
  • “Aren’t you going to go after him?” “I have a feeling that whatever Shego’s going to do to him is worse than anything I can.” This is so true.
  • “Nothing’s impossible for a Possible.” The family motto is so adorable and appropriate.
  • Mr. Dr. P thinks Kim is too young to be looking for her soul mate, or any mate. His protectiveness is cute and fun, as is the fact that he and Mrs. Dr. P match up in Animology. AWWW.
  • “If I wanted flashing lights I would have gone to the discoteque.” Junior, never change.
  • This is the first hint of romance for Junior, who eventually ends up with Bonnie, which makes all the sense in the world to me.
  • In the end, Ron learns that the Pink Sloth is meant to be Amelia’s soul mate. He immediately tries to convince her he is textbook, while Kim admires the flowers that Junior sent her.

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