I Am Kara-Zor El.

So we have a casting announcement for the new Supergirl TV show.

Melissa Benoist will be playing our beloved Girl of Steel, and I’m, luke warm about this casting.



I did really like Benoist on Glee, she was meant to be a centerpiece of the last season of that show that I watched. She was Marley, “The New Rachel,” who was like, not as talented, or as interesting as Rachel, but way more likable? Is that a good way to describe her, 5 other people who gave a crap about Glee after season 2? Mom? Uncle Mark? (Seriously, I can’t think of anyone else who liked the show past then…)

It is fun that both Kara and Barry Allen are ex Glee kids. Grant Gustin played Sebastian, who was the captain of the Warblers when Blaine left, and then just, like a big bullying gay, who told Karofsky to kill himself. Weird to think about, because he’s SO PERFECT as Barry, who is the opposite of all of those things…though I would love to see Barry in an acappella group.

That would just be adorable…

Sorry, got a little distracted.

Anyway, I’m good with the casting. Mostly.

I think they definitely could have gone another way….









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