Sailor Moon Check In: It’s Kind Of All About Chibi-Usa huh?

So this is a very strange and awesome week for a check in, things just kind of aligned, but I think it needs to be noted at the end. But we might as well get started.

Sailor Moon




We ended “The Dark Kingdom” arc and now we’re into “The Dark Moon” arc, which is going to be fun. But I guess we’ll talk about the finale, which involved the essence (though not ghost persons)  of the Senshi to empower Usagi as she defeated Queen Metalia and made out with Mamoru. Also they all met on a bridge and cried for a minute, which was, fine I guess. But really, this episode of Crystal was all about Luna, which I am surprisingly OK with? Basically, it’s Luna’s prayers to the moon that finally give Usagi/Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity the power she needs to win her fight. We also get a glimpse of “Luna’s People Body” which if you follow, Nikkisee’s blog at all, you know was a big part of our conversavation. Anyway, The Good Guys Win, and Usagi and Mamoru are about to smooch and be awesome when all of a sudden a weird pink haired little child falls out of the sky and kisses Mamo-chan instead.

Yeah, Chibi-Usa has landed on Crystal…so that’s going to be fun


Big week for Chibi-Usa…to be kind of the WORST. So first, this little stinker STEELS USAGI’S TRANSFORMATION BROOCH, because “Usagi is selfish and ungrateful…” or something? So, she knows that Usagi is Sailor Moon, and Puu (Sailor Pluto) has said, “You have to trust Sailor Moon…” and also doesn’t she know that SAILOR MOON IS HER MOTHER? and yet she doesn’t, UGH…this kid just is the worst. Anyway, this gets the rest of the senshi abducted by Rubeus.

Speaking of Rubeus, can we talk about how Sailor Moon has 4 levels of bad guys? They have henches, they have middle bad (whichever Shittenou was scheming at that particular moment, the Spectere Sisters) and then a third level (Beryl, Rubeus) and then the big bad (Metallia, The Dark Moon Clan) that’s pretty cool, and fairly unique.

Anyway, Chibi-Usa being the worst doesn’t change how awesome it is, when Usagi stands on Mamoru’s balcony and decides she’s doing whatever it takes to get her friends back. Or Mamoru convincing Chibi-Usa that what she did was wrong and hurtful, and it was so cute.

Also, there’s a cute scene where Luna and Artemis decide that they should disguise themselves as Chibi-Usa, which is both cute, and impossible, because they’re cats. I mean, they’re cats and they wanted to pretend to be a child. They are adorable for this.

In the end Usagi saves everyone, Rubeus gets dead, and we’ll see how everything goes moving forward, but I think we can all agree that this week belonged to Chibi-Usa and Luna.

Also, there’s a badass new opening. There are melty Dali style clocks which are great because TIME TRAVEL SHENANIGANS! I can’t wait for more of them.


I stare at a version of the Sailor Mars outfit that I could order from a Chinese bootleg website every week. I haven’t ordered it. I might not ever. But I look at it longingly.


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