Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Episodes 15 & 16

Hello All! I’m back to normal after my week of writers block and laziness but I am thinking about switching to a 3 a week update schedule. Probably in February I’ll make that decision.

Anyway, it’s time for this week’s Kim Possible recaps. Are you excited? Get excited!

Kim Ron Rufus

Episode 15: All The News

Anytime Ron decides to pursue a goal with single focus is going to be great. So, “All The News” which puts him on the school paper is a really great one.

Ron has decided to be a reporter, while the Mad Dogs are preparing for “The Big Game” against Easttown. Ron decides that his scoop will be to interview Kim, and when he does, he realizes that for all of her world saving, Kim might not be the most captivating interview. So he fudges a quote to make it seem like Kim has a crush on Brick Flagg, The Quarterback.

Brick is thrilled and asks Kim out, and she bumbles her way into an acceptance, and the rest of the episode is Kim insisting that Brick is not her boyfriend and trying to find a way to let him down lightly.

Meanwhile, Adena Lynne, an extreme stunt celebrity gets exposed as a phony by Ron and decides to take her revenge out on Kim. She does this by kidnapping Brick and having a crazy battle at an old abandoned amusement park.

I’m generally  fan of when KP takes superhero tropes and uses them to it’s advantage and super battle in an old amusement park is a good one.

Brick becomes convince Kim set the whole thing up to impress him and ends things, as she “tried to hard.” I can’t help but wonder how Josh Mankey felt about all of this.

Episode 16: Kimitation Nation

Everyone is taking their style tips from a crazy TV show, and when the host is saved during a Drakken & Shego battle by Kim, she decides Kim’s mission clothes are going to be the new look. This annoys Kim and thrills Monique and Ron, who tell her to embrace her moment.

Of course when she tries to embrace the look, Bonnie assures her that she can’t pull it off, which only exacerbates her fury.

Meanwhile, the idea of a world full of Kims gives Drakken the idea to clone Kim to fight Kim. This is of course after Shego quits, refusing to be cloned.

This leads to a hilarious sub plot where Shego is on vacation and Drakken realizes how much of his operation she really is. It’s actually sweet.

Anyway, there’s a few mishaps with the clones, first Drakken clones Bonnie, then Ron, and then finally Kim. Luckily, they are defeated by dousing them with soda, and a trip to Bueno Nacho fixes things.

In the end, Ron’s look becomes the new trend. Because of course it does.

Boo-Ya’s and Nacos

  • Adrena Lynne is voiced by Rachel Dratch, which is great, but her catch phrase “Freaky!” is super annoying.
  • The fashion icon is voiced by Wendy Mallick, which is also fantastic and incredibly perfect. Wendy Mallick is just perfect.
  • In the Possible Household: The Tweebs are obsessed with Adrena Lynne, and even root against Kim. Mr Dr. P “Jim, Tim, there will be no rooting for your sister’s foe.”
  • “We’ll all be here for you when he dumps you.” Bonnie is a good friend.
  • The fight with Adrena Lynne intro’s the song “It’s You,” which played like every other ad back in the day on Disney channel.
  • Shego’s blow up and refusal to be cloned is just some of the best work from John Dimaggio and Nicole Sullivan. I love them so much.
  • First appearance of Commodore Puddles, the evil poodle.
  • More Monique awesomeness, she gets Bonnie to safety when the clones attack.
  • When Kim realizes that the real Bonnie is herself she hugs her and says she’s glad to see her. Because frenemies.

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