I have been changed

On Saturday afternoon we went to the matinee of Wicked, which was amazing.

I’ve seen this show 4 times, and everytime I remember just how much I love it. The music is probably my favorite, the story is beautiful, the show is funny, and smart and interesting.

It’s big and gorgeous and small and intimate and everything that musical theater at that level should be.

And I cried the whole time.

I cried because I was 16 when this music found me, and worked its way into my heart and mind the way that something only can when you’re 16. Because I was a perky blonde girl who loved pink things, and I had a best friend who was a sensitive brunette girl with a sarcastic streak a mile wide and the friendship between Elphaba and Galinda spoke to us in the way it spoke to a lot of girls, but at the time, we thought was special.

I cried because this is a person who isn’t in my life anymore and I miss her sometimes.

I cried because my sister and I have stood in front of more audiences than I can remember and sang “For Good,” one of the of the few songs that we both loved enough to perform.

I cried because 10 years later this show is still basically sold out, and little girls are still discovering and falling in love with it, and there’s something deep and wonderful about it.

My heart was bursting with love and joy and I had an amazing, amazing time.

I’m very grateful to have this show and to remember it from time to time as something exceptional, and lovely.

Also, I’m going to cosplay THE EVER LOVING CRAP OUT OF THIS. My next eight months are dedicated to getting that together.

Yeah, we went there.

Yeah, we went there.


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