Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 1 Episode 13 & 14

It was tough to squeeze in this week, I was little behind on watching things! But I got the episodes in and I’m going to jump right into the recapping!

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 1 Episode 13: “Monkey Fist Strikes”

Kim scales a mountain to save a baby eagle, and Ron shows his underpants. It’s basically the most indicative of the show opening possible, and this episode is a really great jumping on point for a lot of reasons, which makes sense being a halfway mark through season 1.

After returning the eagle to a park ranger, Mr. Dr. P calls on the Kimmunicator, letting Kim know she missed family game night, and has disappointed her cousin Larry. She then goes into a hours long explanation of how awful Larry is, and Ron…doesn’t really get it, but you’re always more critical of your family’s flaws than everyone else. Wade shows up, seemingly in person, but it turns out it’s a hologram. He tells them that Lord Monty Fiske needs there help in Cambodia.

After a really fun Indiana Jones style chase to retrieve a mystical monkey statue that’s supposed to have mystical properties, Kim and Ron camp out and are quickly attacked by a ninja. (A lot of really good action in this one.) Kim heads home to learn that she’s going to be spending her Saturday with Larry to make up for the previous blow off.

At Bueno Naco Wade reveals that the statue had a special significance to the practitioners of Monkey Kung Fu and she and Ron decide to ask Lord Monty about it. Turns out, he’s crazy and obsessed with Mystical Monkey Power. So Kim and Ron (well, sort of, it’s what Wade calls “The Holo-Kim”) go to talk to him, and Kim spends the evening learning about Fortress and RPG from Larry.

Anyway, long story short, Ron gets the mystical Monkey power, and they defeat Monkey Fist, as Lord Monty rechristens himself. Also, Ron and Larry bond.

Season 1 Episode 14: “October 31”

It’s Halloween, and Monique is throwing a party. But Ron and Kim have always gone trick or treating together. Also, her parents are running a charity haunted house for the hospital. So she’s got some decisions to make.

Meanwhile, Drakken and Shego are trying to buy some top grade military tech that Duff Killigan ripped off, but Kim gets a hold of “Project Centurion” before they complete the exchange. The problem? It gets stuck to her arm.

Kim decides on Monique’s party, mostly due to the fact that Josh Mankey’s band is going to be playing. (OF COURSE Mankey has a band.) But she lies to Ron, saying that she’s going with her parents and lies to her parents, saying that she’s going with Ron. The stress induced by this reaction causes project Centurion to start covering her body with armor.

Meanwhile, Drakken and Killigan both overhear different lies and decide to go after Kim to get the tech back.

Fairly predictable shenanigans ensue after that, but Kim gets a cool super soldier army thing. (Not the last time that will happen) and winds up grounded for the lie. Then Mankey and Ron go trick or treating together.

Boo-Yas And Nacos

  • Cousin Larry is voiced by Brian Poesshen and is every bad nerd cliche in the book, but he works because the rest of the world isn’t as skeeved by him as Kim. Again, family.
  • In “Monkey Fist” Kim rocks the ponytail for a while. That they did occasionally shake up looks on this show is pretty fun.
  • Ron is terrified of monkeys, due to having to share his bunk at Camp Wanna-Weep with the chimp mascot.
  • Ron’s having the “Mystical Monkey Power” is going to come back in a big way!
  • “October 31” is the first villain team up! And it’s a fun one.
  • The twins say “Hoo-sha” while dressed as Zombies! No “Hicka-bicka-boo?” yet though.
  • Monique has her head on straight, when Project Centurion acts up, she immediately calls Wade. I always shipped those two a little.
  • When they were in pre school, Kim and Ron were a Cowboy and Ballerina respectively. Way to smash those gender norms KP!
  • The villains are very disappointed in Kim for lying. VERY DISAPPOINTED!

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