Sailor Moon Check In: Sacrifice For Love

If I had to pick up one real reason things that’s been standing out for me as I move along with this whole Sailor Moon project it’s that I’m dealing with three very different ways of telling the same story. Since I’m used to that kind of thing, having spent an inordinate amount of time in college reading Shakespeare and talking about musical theatre and also my fascination with comic book adaptations I don’t find it terribly jarring but it can cause bits of whiplash.

Sailor Moon


I had a lot of trouble reading the manga sometimes, the story sort of jumps around in it and isn’t always linear, and since it was a new medium for me I had tracking issues. The anime helped with this, as did rereading certain pages. I also came this close to bring Code Name Sailor V on vacation with me and then already had too much reading material so didn’t.

Original Anime

It’s abundantly clear to the viewer now, if not the characters that Chibi-Usa is Usagi and Mamoru’s daughter. So that’s good. The moment when Usagi will not stand down to Rubeus in order to defend Chibi-Usa was incredibly moving, especially since, in general these two do not seem to get along. Chibi-Usa explains that she came back to get the Sailor Senshi to help save her imprisoned parents. She doesn’t say more than that, but the group agrees to help her, and there’s a new layer of compassion for her. Meanwhile it turns out that Mamoru has been having nightmares that tell him when he marries Usagi she’ll die, so that’s why he’s been so PMS. Also he starts riding a motorcycle with random redheads, because I guess he’s Dick Grayson now?


Oh, Crystal. Crystal, Crystal, Crystal. What are we going to do with you? You’re so unbalanced, but so pretty. But at least you’ve started doing better by Minako, even if I feel like we barely spend any time with the non Usagi girls. This week’s episode gave us them getting their act together and throwing all of their senshi energy at Queen Metalia because she ate Usagi and Mamoru (who are not dead, which is great). They do this because of their love for Usagi. Things wrap up next week and open a new arc, apparently. Looking forward to that I guess. I certainly can’t wait to see how this show portrays Crystal Tokyo. I bet it’s going to be really shiny!


2 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Check In: Sacrifice For Love

  1. I really hope Crystal does a better job with the Black Moon arc than they have with the end of this one – I started off soooooo loving it, but as this arc has continued I’ve grown pretty disappointed.


    • They’ve just made some really baffling choices. I also hope that Black Moon gets better treatment. I think that the show’s strength is in it’s visuals, which gives me a lot of hope for Black Moon.


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