Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 1 Episodes 11 & 12

I had a realization this week, I think the reason I love Batgirl of Burnside so much is that this take on Babs is really similar to Kim. She’s a little all over the place, but always going to get the job done and she’s going to be sassy while she does it.

Anyhoodle, let’s talk about the episodes I watched this week. They were really good ones.

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 1 Episode 11: “Coach Possible”

God, this episode has everything. Senor Seniors, Kim Control Issues, Tweebs, both Dr. Ps, a mind control plot and kiddie soccer.

Jim and Tim and Mr. Dr. P are celebrating the twins soccer game with pizza at “The Pizzatorium,” and by celebrating I mean, Mr. Dr. P is dodging balls while the tweebs destroy things. Mrs. Dr. P sends Kim in to retrieve them and lo and behold Ron is hanging out playing video games.

Of course the Pizzatoreum is attacked, by the Senor Seniors and the Seniors steal the animantronic animals from the pizzatoreum and Kim and Ron do not succeed in stopping them, but in the scuffle (or possibly before?) Mr. Dr P’s leg is broken. Unable to coach, he hands the job over to Kim, who is reluctant but takes very well to it.

Because Kim is intent to make them win. So she practices them hard, but also takes complete control of the game. What Ron calls “her Kimness” is her intense drive and well, innate talent.

Kim is very good at whatever she puts her mind to, especially if it’s something physical, so her frustration with the kids and desire to simply play the game for them is natural.

Meanwhile, we learn what the Seniors, or at least Junior is up to. His father has trusted him with his first own villainous scheme, and Junior is not terribly adept at villainy, nor is he particularly interested in his father’s new hobby. Instead he opens a new nightclub, the most devious of schemes, he has every intention of overcharging for drinks.

Oh the humanity!

Senior is not pleased, and uses the gathering of Europe’s elite at Junior’s opening to hypnotize them with super neon they stole for the sign. He also makes Kim and Ron dance in gogo cages, because of excellence.

Wade uses the robot arms on the Kimmunicator to hack into the mind control and free everyone. Meanwhile, Kim and Ron decide she should stop coaching, Rufus takes over the team.

Season 1: Episode 12 “Pain King vs. Cleopatra”

Pro Wrestling comes to Middleton and Ron is overly psyched. Kim really doesn’t care, but the episode opens with a really cool chase sequence at Middleton Mall, which pits Kim against a horde of wrestling fans, getting the attention of the promoter, Jackie. He gives Kim and Ron tickets to the show with back stage passes.

Ron loses it, but Kim decides she’s had enough and heads to Club Banana. There her destiny awaits.

It’s Monique you guys! Turns out she wasn’t around in the previous 11 episodes because she didn’t live in Middleton yet, and she and Kim immediately bond over the “Cleopatra Collection” which was created by The Banana in order to celebrate an exhibition of Cleopatra’s clothing at a museum or something. Whatever, Monique works at Club Banana and she’s Kim’s new bestie and she’s actually my favorite non world saving part of Kim’s life.

Anyway, Kim skips out on hanging out with Ron to go to a museum with Monique, he’s pretty hurt. Kim tries to explain that Monique isn’t replacing him, just, you know, being a different friend. She gives him the wrestling tickets in recompense, but he’s still rude and weird to Monique at lunch and Kim’s not happy. Meanwhile, at the museum, a magical amulet is stolen, and it gives the thief (who it turns out is Jackie) mystical powers of super strength.

At the wrestling match, Ron fanboys all over the two big stars, Pain King and Steel Toe and Jackie, hurt at being called a shrimp his whole life uses the amulet to become a huge jackal, and wrestles as The Jackal. Ron does his best on his own, but Kim comes in and saves the day. Also, it turns out Monique is a huge wrestling fan so she and Ron bond over that. We have an amazing friend group.

Boo Yas and Nacos

  • Mrs. Dr. P gives Kim the Puppy Dog Pout to get her to go fetch the tweebs.
  • Jim and Tim are pretty bad at soccer. Also, shouldn’t kids with their destructive tendencies play a contact sport? Channel some of that energy?
  • Ron goes to the pizzatoreum for the games, but stays for the burnt pizza smell.
  • When Junior steels the animals, he then dresses them up as disco dancers. Also, his evil laugh leaves much to be desired
  • “Junior, this is not a party, this is not a disco, this is not fooling around.” Someone sat in a booth and told Ricardo Montellbaan to say that. Doesn’t that make you giddy?
  • “Soccer, or as the English call it football…” Ron’s entire soccer knowledge
  • I’m waiting for “Hikka Bikka Boo?” “Hoo-sha!” to enter, and I thought it might be here, but still no.
  • “You’re Kimness is getting in the way.” “I am Kim.”
  • This is the first week without Drakken and Shego, I realized as the second episode started.
  • I don’t think I’d ever watched “Pain King” before, or at least I didn’t remember it.
  • Raven-Symone is the voice of Monique. She is the best. It’s important to remember that there was a time when The Disney Channel was just a place where everyone was on each other’s shows…except Hilary Duff, who was too famous for those shenanigans. And Shia, who was probably too weird and pretentious for everyone even then.
  • Ron is appalled that Kim would choose SMOOTHIES over him. SMOOTHIES. But honestly, Ron’s jealousy is pretty adorable as is Kim’s utter confusion at it. It’s also nice that Ron is mistrustful of anyone who may take Kim away, not just Mankey.
  • The amulet is the first instance of magic in this universe but far from the last…Monkey Ninjas, perhaps?

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