Batman Eternal 34-38


Another 5 issue month. (Eep! So Many! And also, SO BEHIND, but I’m going to be a plane this week, so I’ll get caught up!) So here we go.

First of all, the kids are back! Well, kind of. Tim and Harper had some stuff to do again, Harper even went to visit Cullen in the hospital, and tell him about seeing Tim get out of the shower. Sadly nothing R rated. I also, want it noted that I’m currently triple shipping Tim. Tim/Harper and Tim/Steph here (although really, I’d just like Tim to like, MEET Steph…or for Steph to BE IN THE BOOK AGAIN), and Tim/Cassie over in Teen Titans. Anyway, Harper had to call Jason and Barbara because, Tim is really serious about not talking on the phone while riding his motorcycle I guess?

But why are they calling Jason and Barbara? Well, see, Jason Bard (idiot) blackmailed Lucius Fox into blowing up all of Batman’s weapon’s caches and then the Batmobile, but luckily Julia and Bruce had a contingency plan because of course they did. Then Tim, Jason and Barbara had to help Bruce threaten Bard, because I guess that time that Barbara and Jason dangled him off a building wasn’t good enough? Or whatever?

Oh, they also captured Hush and he’s locked in a glass tube in the Batcave, which is ridiculous and awesome and SOOOO Snyder.

And Riddler is the real badguy.

Probably. I feel like, “the real badguy” has been revealed like six times here. I bet it’s actually Two Face. Or possibly R’as. We haven’t seen them yet.

Anyway Jason then made fun of Barbara’s new look and called her a copycat because Barbara/Jason might be the ship I never knew I always wanted?

Anyhoodle, all of the villains are getting together to drive Batman insane, because that always works out well for them.

But Selina catches wind of that, and it would get in the way of her new crime empire so she puts a stop by it by also involving Poison Ivy and Killer Croc and I didn’t really track this plot because of that thing in the last paragraph about Jason making fun of Barbara’s jacket. But there’s a very cool fight between Croc and Bane, and also Joker’s Daughter seems to be out of commission, so that’s pretty good.

Vicki went to Detroit to dig up dirt on Bard, and it turns out he really hates Batman because a Batman impostor got his partner/girlfriend killed in a drug raid or something. Bard is finally repentant and goes to Gordon for advice and Gordon tells him to get him out of there.

Also a ghost is probably haunting Batwing’s suit because of The Spectre and Maggie Sawyer was in this month a lot which made me sad, because Batwoman is ending and also, Batwoman has been pretty terrible since they didn’t let Kate and Maggie get married.

See everyone next year!

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