Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 1: Episodes 9 & 10

This is coming a day early since it’s the last week of the month and Tuesday belongs to the Batman Eternal check in, but I still wanted to get this one in, so here we are.

Kim Ron Rufus

Episode 9: “Attack of The Killer Bebes”

I’m not a big fan of the Bebes, although I do love how they came to be, and it’s a key and fun part of the KP mythology.

While in College, Dr. James Possible, then just a young nerd, had a gang of friends, Professor Ramesh, Bob Chen, and one Drew Lipsky. Getting ready to attend a party, they left it to Drew to find dates and he came back with a malfunctioning fem bot who would never reject them. They mocked him so much he left school.

It’s later revealed (though obvious in the flashback,) that Drew is in fact Dr. Drakken. The idea that Kim’s father cluelessly created her arch foe is a fun one. Anyway, as the gang’s college reunion approaches a bunch of robots (obviously the now full functioning Bebes) begin snatching the guys, and it’s up to Kim to save them.

Meanwhile, at Middleton High, Ron has been chastised for not participating in extracurricular activities. After less than careful consideration he decides to go out for the cheerleading squad. In fact he creates the “Maddog” who, having appeared in previous episodes, should probably already be in the knowledge, but whatever. Kim is less than supportive, prompting the Mr. Dr. P/Drakken story and in the end they make up and Ron’s Mad Dog is actually a hit.

Episode 10: “Royal Pain”

The Knights of Rodeghan! This is actually one of my all time favorite episodes. Kim is called away from her class presidential campaign, to help guard Prince Wally, the spoiled scion of a teensy European country. A group of Knights who swore hundreds of years ago to end the monarchy, an ancient prophecy puts it as the right time to strike.

Wally proves to be difficult, commandeering the Possible homestead and giving Mrs. Dr. P a LOT of trouble. He also starts running against Kim, causing Ron to switch sides and become Wally’s campaign manager. Despite Wally being a massive pain in her rear, Kim saves his life, but still loses the race. Wally, of course, does learn his lesson and then decides to end the monarchy anyway and instead run for president of his country.

Yay Democracy!

Boo-Yas & Nacos

  • Bonnie’s assurance that everyone will laugh at Ron, “loudly and cruelly” is one of the best exchanges between these two.
  • A lot of Ron’s story in “Attack” hinges on his bizarre and sudden ability to create realistic masks. He disguises himself as Mr. Dr. P. in order to be helpful. Rufus also puts a Kim mask on and says, “What’s The Sitch?” Because adorbs.
  • Ron also makes Drakken look up “Possible” in the phone book to prove it isn’t really a common name.
  • Kim: Wade, can you give me a trace on Ron?
    Wade: Do you think I have him microchipped?
    Kim: Well do you?
    Wade: …Yeah
  • “Royal Pain” introduces us to Brick Flagg, the dimwitted quarterback, who Kim will date through misunderstandings at one point and who is on again off again with Bonnie. He’s also voiced by Rider Strong. Which is a lot of fun.
  • John O’Hurley voices King Wallace II, Wally’s father. Like I said, this is a fun game.
  • The Wisdom of Coach Barkin; “The Cheerleader vs The Quarterback, classic.”
  • These are neither of them earth shattering episodes, and the lack of Monique is wierding me out. I can’t believe she hasn’t shown up yet.

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