A Merry Christmas From The Fangirl and The DCAU

Christmas is a very special (and busy) time of the year for me. My large and celebration happy family leads to me spending the 4 days around the day itself, eating, drinking and opening gifts. It’s pretty wonderful.

Which means that nerdy Christmas stuff for me is reserved to the couple of hours before everyone else in my house wakes up, and whatever tangent Bobby, Tommy and I go off on before dinner tonight.

But that’s no reason why you shouldn’t all enjoy some Christmas nerdness brought to you by the fine folks at DC animation! Seriously, some of the best episodes of the shows are also Christmas specials and you should watch them again, or at all if you haven’t.

Batman The Animated Series: “Christmas With The Joker”

There is an extended scene in this where Dick tries to convince Bruce that they should pack it in for the night and go home and watch It’s A Wonderful Life. You know, because that’s the single most adorable thing to ever happen. Also Mark Hamill’s Joker sings, “Jingle Bells, Batman Smells,” because back before the Joker was an immortal fear demon. (What? I mean, really, Snyder?) he was a chaos loving psychopath who sang parody Christmas Carols. Anyway, it’s a delightful episode. And in the end Dick gets to watch It’s A Wonderful Life after all, which I think is the most important point.

The New Batman Adventures: “Holiday Knights”

Cutest title award. This is a series of three shorts.

The first: Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy kidnap and mind control Bruce, and make him…take them on a shopping spree. Ugh. I hate this trope with these two. I hate it so much. I mean, they don’t know he’s Batman, but he’s still a powerful dude. Do OTHER THINGS. Frustrating. Still, there’s some fun art in this one and when Batman takes the girls down it’s pretty fantastic.

The Second, (so much better). Barbara is shopping, about to buy a tie for her dad (awwww….) and notices that Harvey Bullock and Renee Montoya are on a stake out, posing as Santa and an elf. (Hiliarious) Turns out Clayface has been robbing department stores. Luckily Batgirl is on the case! Seeing Babs interact with the cops is a lot of fun. And this is the first time we saw her redesign, which is just plain amazing.

The third, The Joker plants a bomb to go off at midnight on New Year’s. Batman and Robin, stop him. First time we see Tim. (DCAU Tim…*sniffle*)

Justice League: “Comfort And Joy”

There’s so much to love about “Comfort and Joy” it’s hard for me to even think about.

The first is the truly precious Flash story, which puts Wally and The Ultra-humanoid together to find an impossible to find Christmas toy for a bunch of kids. Seriously, that’s the story and it’s perfect and lovely and wonderful. Especially because the notion of Flash as Santa is too good to resist.

Then there’s the John/Shayera story. This is probably my favorite DCAU love story, because it’s so much fun, and also, leads to Warhawk, but anyway, John wants Shayera to appreciate Christmas and she’s kind of “meh” about it. But they do make snow angels and it’s really cute. Then they go to another planet and get in a bar fight, and it’s special.

Get ready to cry or whatever you do when you’re extremely touched, when you get to the Superman/Martian Manhunter story. Clark brings J’onn home to Smallville for the Holidays. (It’s noted that Kara is skiing with Barbara because YES!) After first being moved by the Kent’s incredible hospitality and generosity, he goes for a walk in the snow, and comes across a church and hears the choir singing. Then he goes back to the farm and sings. Clark smiles, happy to have given his isolated friend some comfort.

This episode is the best.

Young Justice: “Auld Acquaintance”

OK, not Christmas, and not in continuity with the others but still, New Year’s is a holiday and I’m not ignoring my favorite show. I won’t!

The team finally finds out that Roy is a clone and a mole, (they already knew he was sort of a douche bag. Ugh, I hate Young Justice Roy SO MUCH…anyway) They fight the agents of The Light on the Watchtower and at the end everyone kisses their sweetie. (Except Kaldur. Because nobody loves Kaldur). It’s hard to beat Wally and Artemis finally getting their act together here, but Zatanna just grabbing Dick and going for it might be one of my favorite moments in the whole show.

So a very Merry Christmas to you all! May vision of Superheroes dance in your head!

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