Sailor Moon Check In: Chibis & Magic Swords

Merry Christmas! I kind of can’t believe that it’s Christmas Eve already. This has been an exceptionally eventful year. (I’ll break all of that down next week, in my New Year’s Eve Post.) One of the big things that happened was I became a part of two really big, really wonderful new fandoms. (Again all coming.) Which is why I decided to do this check in even though it’s not particularly Christmasy…

Sailor MoonManga:

Whole world full of no, on this one.

Original Anime:

I got all caught up because I called in sick on Monday. (I mean, I was actually sick, I didn’t call in just to watch Sailor Moon, that was simply a perk.) That damn Chibi-Usa man. She vacillates between creepy and cute, real quick. Plot wise, I’m missing the manga’s touches in this arc. The circus doesn’t have it’s creepy cool vibe, or it’s direct action. And Usagi is starting to realize that she has some kind of connection to Chibi-Usa, even if they are still at each other’s throats all the time. And Chibi-Usa’s crush on Mamoru is always weird and creepy. It’s something I recall from my occasional watches as a kid that always put me off. (That and the whole Rini thing, which I’ve gone into.) I was sad and happy that Ami decided not to go to Germany, to learn to be a doctor (it is apparently the only place to go.) I love Makoto and Minako being totally misguided romantics. I understand that this is a lot of people’s favorite arc, and it was definitely up there for me in the manga, but the stuff I like (TIME TRAVEL!!!) hasn’t really happened yet. Although we did see Pluto…kind of, as the blurry picture on Luna P that Chibi-Usa cried to. So there’s that.

Also, I miss Ail & An. I know, I know. I just really liked them. They were fun.


Oh Sailor Moon: Crystal, what am I going to do with you? So much crying. Seriously, I feel like half of every episode is either Usagi or one of the other girls (or in this week’s case, all of them…) crying for like minutes at a time. I mean, I love that all feelings are totally OK and even a source of strength in Sailor Moon, there comes a point where you have to woman-up, and stab your once dead, reincarnated, dead again, resurrected as a puppet for an evil smoke monster queen boyfriend in the heart with a magic sword.

Oh, wait, that totally happened. OK. But there was still just a touch too much crying for my taste.

The next time we do this will be 2015! Wow.

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