Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 1 Episodes 7 & 8

So with Korra over, the Kim Possible rewatch project is going to be more important to me than ever. Since it was Korra (Well, Bolin) that inspired it in the first place.

So let’s talk about this week.

Kim Ron Rufus

Episode 7: Number One

I did not know that Global Justice (KP’s answer to SHIELD, complete with eyepatched leader, Dr. Betty Director) came into the game this early. Anyway, Kim is recruited by this global peacekeeping force in order to help them track down a kidnapped scientist. GJ is convinced that he’s been held for his weapon’s knowledge, but Kim, who does a basic web search and find out everything she needs to know about the Doctor, realizes that there might be more to it. She’s partnered with Will Du, Global Justice’s top agent.

Will is arrogant and stuffy and refers to Kim and Ron as “amateurs,” and refuses to engage with any of Ron and Rufus’s shenanigans. Although the scene where he paralyzes them with his stop watch is particularly awesome.

Turns out the good Doctor was kidnapped by a Rogue Golfer, named Duff Killigan, who wanted his hobby, a scientifically superior and fast growing grass to turn the entire world into a giant golf course. They stop him, by learning that both of their world saving ways are valid and that teamwork is great. (Kim is still very bad at team work.)

Meanwhile, back in Middleton, Bonnie is making a move to take cheer captain from Kim. She does so, by raising money for new uniforms and coming up with a cool new cheer. Even Kim gives her props. Of course, when Bonnie realizes that being cheer captain is going to be more work, Kim is sure that she’ll have the spot back in two weeks, a month tops.

Episode 8: Mind Games

It’s the body switch episode!

Drakken (Every other episode) has built a brain switching machine and traded brains with a young army private in charge of a top secret weapon. Kim saves the private (in Drakken’s body) from Shego’s clutches, but during the mission she and Ron get brain switched.

It’s also the cheer-leading regionals, so Kim has to teach Ron as her to do their important routine, and he just can’t get it. Also, Ron has trouble dealing with Kim’s many overachiever commitments, and Kim never realized quite how badly her best friend was bullied.

The big show down with Drakken is a lot of fun, and there’s a sweet beat where Kim gets her brain back, and Ron gets stuck in Rufus’s body. They all save the day.

Nacos & Boo Ya’s

  • Dr. Director is voiced by Felicity Huffman, and Will Du by BD Wong. This is fun for me.
  • Global Justice gives all of their top agents fun gadgets. Also, Will thinks Ron’s burrito eating style is disgusting.
  • These are low Rufus episodes.
  • At the Middleton cafeteria, Ron mentions he requested a kosher meal. This is the first noting of Ron’s being Jewish.
  • Tara Strong is the voice of Tara. I didn’t realize that before, but I’m not surprised. It also adds a level of meta-wierdness, what with her being Batgirl and Will Friedle…well, you know…Anyway, Tara refers to the squad’s new uniforms as “baddical” which might be the only instance of catch phrase in these episodes.
  • Mrs. Dr. P like Will, as he is polite, and has read her research. Kim is unimpressed. Also, I think I ship Kim/Will a little…
  • Shego cannot contain the hilarity of Kim and Ron switching brains. It’s a beautiful thing.
  • Drakken and Shego have to Time Share a new lair…for reasons? It’s a good joke even if not spectacularly well thought out.

So that’s where we are for this week! It wasn’t a super commentable one, huh?

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