So The Legend of Korra is over.

I’m going to miss this show, and I’m SO grateful that I found my way into this room in time to participate in (at least a little) of this exceptional fandom’s joy and conversation. It’s pretty great.

Can we talk about that ending though? Like for REALS?

Korrasami lives my friends. I think. It was vague, but whatever. I’m deeply grateful they didn’t have either girl get back together with Mako (ugh, Mako) and I love any story that ends in a wedding. That Zhu Li and Varrick’s were pronounced husband and wife with Bolin saying, “You may now, do the thing,” was insanely sweet as was Varrick’s proposal that she “do the thing, for the rest of our lives.” And Bolin hugging Mako and telling him that he’s awesome.

Or the Beifong sisters finally working together to bring down Kuvira.

Or Tenzin and the other Airbenders mounting an assault on Kuvira’s giant mecha suit.

Or Pema and Prince Wu leading refugee out of Republic City on badger moles.

Or Suyin forgiving Batar Jr.

Or Korra realizing that even though she could destroy Kuvira, she’s a better person and a better Avatar than that.

It was kind of perfect.

I don’t want the scene to outweigh what a wonderful finale this was overall, but oh my God, guys, THE SCENE! The phrase, “bisexual women of color” keeps getting repeated. Over, and over, I’ve seen this and it is frankly, amazing. While Korrasami was never my ship (But my ship was bizarre and NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN…so there’s that.) I was never opposed to the relationship. Often femslash ships seem like a reach to me, and annoy me because, I’m a straight woman who is emotionally close to other women in my life. I love my female friends and would go to the mat for them every time. I’m not in love with them. So the fact that there is a certain segment of fandoms who see too women grow close and become friends who immediately scream, “THEY’RE IN LOVE,” drives me bonkers. (I’m looking at you Emma/Regina people…) But Korrasami was never like that, it always seemed like Mako was the extraneous person in this triangle. What was he even doing there?

So now we have Korra and Asami heading off to see The Spirit World together. I assume Mako will return to his cop job, now that Prince Wu is giving up the throne. (Shame, I would have read MANY continuation comics about Mako and King Wu in Ba Sing Se…) I like to think that Opal and Bolin are going to get married and have a relatively quiet life. They will have many babies, who will be powerful benders. At least one of them will follow in dad’s footsteps and go pro.

When Tenzin retires, there will be some minor infighting between Jinora and Meelo over who will be the new Airbending leader. While they do this Ikki will just quietly take over and everything will be fine.

Basically, I’m really excited that everyone is living happily ever after. At least in my head.

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