So Here’s The Thing

I mentioned on twitter yesterday that my feelings about The Interview getting pulled by Sony, were too complicated for a tweet, and thus this post was born.

They’re actually 3 fold.

Here we go.

As a consumer, I’m bummed out. I was looking forward to The Interview. Seth Rogan and James Franco have never failed to make me laugh. I was looking forward to having a new movie to sit around with my cousins quoting. Granted, it we’d probably just wind up with us just quoting Wayne’s World, because we always wind up just quoting Wayne’s World, or maybe Holy Grail, but we like to shake it up with new stuff occasionally.

But, as a human being, who values her safety and the safety of other human beings, I get it. If one person was hurt or killed because Seth Rogan and James Franco just had to satirize a ruthless dictator in a large public dictator and use his real name etc. I’d be horrified. Just horrified, it would be terrible. So I appreciate that Sony and AMC and all those other big companies are doing what they think is best, I get that.

As a person who wants to make things, I’m pissed off. The Sony hacks really upset me from the beginning. This was a crime. Do I think that some of the Sony executives were behaving childishly and a little bit idiotically in those emails? From what I’ve seen totally. But I also have gone out of my way to not read those articles, because that information was obtained illegally. Now Sony has caved to the demands of, we’re not exactly sure who. Trolls? Hacktivists? North Korean nationalist terrorists? NO ONE KNOWS. We do know that apparently the FBI thinks that this is a big ol overreaction. Which means maybe they shouldn’t have done it. They’ve given in to the demands of criminals, which sets an awful precedent for this sort of action in the future.

So that’s where I am. I’m bummed, I wanted to see this movie. I get it, because I like myself (and others) not blown up. I’m pissed because of crime and cowardice and bullying.

When if they had released the movie I would have simply been you know…vaguely happy because of a funny movie.

One thought on “So Here’s The Thing

  1. North Korea have been confirmed to be responsible. Those bastards!

    You make some good points. I did enjoy The Interview though. I laughed out loud throughout. Shame that I can’t own it on Blu-Ray now!


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