Kim Possible: Season 1 Episodes 5 & 6

Hey guys! It’s time for this week’s Kim Possible recaps! Hooray!

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 1 Episode 5: “Downhill”

Ugh, DNAmy….not my favorite KP baddie. She’s fine. I mean, she’s not terrible, she’s not The Bebes level of stupid, but she’s just not up to snuff with the rest of Kim’s rogue’s gallery. Anyway, let’s talk about the actual episode.

Kim, Ron, Bonnie and the other kids are headed out on the school ski trip. Kim is mortified when Bonnie asked The Dr. P’s to chaperone at the last minute and she’s having trouble dealing with her parent’s constant oversharing about her childhood foibles.

I’m not a fan of this subplot, because while I generally love Kim vs Bonnie action, and I also love that Kim is a deeply flawed as a hero she’s a little too shallow and unlikeable here. She’s straight up insensitive to Mr. Dr. P at several points and while in the end, Mrs. Dr. P pulls out the win, by calling Bonnie’s mom (classic) it’s still just not Kim’s best.

The other plot however consists of Ron and Coach Barkin going big foot hunting because, they’re the best. While on the hunt they encounter a woman named Amy, who takes an immediate shine to Barkin. Turns out she’s a crazed genetic scientist who is creating animal hybrids, to resemble “Cuddle Buddies,” one of which went wrong and has been mistaken for a snow beast.

There’s lots of fun snow action, and there’s absolutely some fun Rufus action. (He’s turned into a genetic combo of himself and Barkin at one point, which is pretty great.) But overall this isn’t one of my favorites. Amy’s fun because she’s got that whole “Cute and cuddly but still TOTALLY NUTS” vibe but also, her subsequent appearances (when she’s pursuing Drakken) are a lot more fun than this one.

Episode 6: “Bueno Nacho”

So, I’ve noticed that Drakken and Shego are basically showing up every other episode. I’m not going to complain about it, because they’re great, but I mean, we’re 6 episodes in and we’ve seen them three times. It’s pretty amazing.

This is a big episode, as far as world building is concerned. We’re introduced to a lot of stuff, but we’ll get there later. Kim is determined to get a trendy new leather jacket from Club Banana, but she doesn’t have the money. When her parents shoot her down for a loan they then suggest that she get a job at Bueno Nacho. She does, and applies for Ron against his will.

Turns out, Kim? Not great as a fast food employee. This is one of the first times that we see that Kim is not really a great team player. It’s something that I always related to her on. Ron on the other hand, is fantastic at this job. Kim resents it and snaps at him several times and even quits, when the quickly promoted to assistant manager Ron refuses to let her off shift to go on mission.

The mission? Drakken has stolen a giant drill which he installs in the largest wheel of cheese in Wisconsin. Shego, meanwhile, has the jacket Kim wants and that doesn’t help Kim’s focus.

One of my favorite aspects of this serious is how unabashadly girly it is. Kim and Shego rag on each other’s style, but mainly, they’re ready to kick each other’s butts. The trash talk they through at one another just happens to be extremely gendered, not in a bad way at all.

In the end, Kim and Ron work together after forgiving each other for their bad behavior and kicking butt (also melting the cheese.) Kim didn’t earn enough for the jacket but Ron bought it for her, because he’s a really good friend.

Nacos And Booyahs!

  • We meet DNAmy, who I’ve mentioned is not my favorite. But she is voiced by Melissa McCarthy. SERIOUSLY? Best. Voice. Cast. Ever.
  • “Downhill” also presents us with Cuddle Buddies, a Beanie Baby stand in that Kim was once obsessed with. Her favorite was Pandaroo, who I imagine is half panda and half kangaroo and probably all adorable.
  • Barkin is willing to cut Ron and Rufus in on his bigfoot reward, and also has a side deal with Wade. I like the idea that Barkin is in contact with Wade, for his own financial gain.
  • Mrs. Dr. P. is my new favorite character this time around. When she calls Bonnie’s mom, it’s pretty genius.
  • In “Bueno Nacho” Ron invents The Naco, we also learn how truly excellent he is at customer service.
  • “Bueno Nacho” also introduces us to Club Banana, Kim’s favorite store and “The Puppy Dog Pout,” which is her most manipulative facial expression.
  • Wade hacked into Kim’s diary and her bank account. If Wade ever decided to use his powers for evil, they’d have all been screwed.
  • “Is that a large cheese covered building?” “Gosh no, you’d be surprised how many people think that.” The Giant Cheese Wheel lady is also Nicole Sullivan! She does double duty here.
  • “Phase two of my plan, which you did not guess…” I’ve also been watching Futurama lately, so I’m drawing many Drakken/Bender parallels.
  • We also meet Ned, the manager of Bueno Nacho. He is Ron’s nemesis as we move forward, which says so much about Ron.
  • Rufus actually saves the day here, with his sick button pushing abilities and his love of cheese!

So that’s this week! See you next week!


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