Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Episodes 3 & 4

Hey all! So it’s taking everything in me not to just binge right through the whole series, but really, pacing myself is turning out to be a good thing.

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 1 Episode 3 “The New Ron”

Guys, I can’t even begin to explain how much I love Senor Senior Jr. He’s probably my favorite character, except that they’re all my favorite character.

But the plot of the episode. Kim convinces Ron that he needs a new haircut and when it gets him the attention of a group of senior girls he decides he needs to upgrade his look. The titular “New Ron” is vain and haughty, and Kim realizes that she probably made a mistake trying to change her friend.

That’s the high school subplot. The main plot, concerns, while Ron makes Kim take a field trip to France to pick up some hair gel (all part of the general UGH that is The New Ron) there’s a blackout. It turns out, reclusive billionaire Senor Senior Senior and his son, Junior, have been sucking energy to power their private island.

What put them over the edge was Junior’s truly epic sun lamp. Because Junior is fantastic.

When Ron points out how perfect the island is for supervillainy, Senior decides it’s time for them to take up a new hobby.

They begin draining more power and hold Europe hostage, which is fun, and their schemes are always the most fun because they’re usually about getting Junior famous. But this time they just want more private islands! Kim and Ron go to fight them, and the resulting action is really fun. There are lasers, barbed wire and of course, “spinning tops of doom.”

In the end, Ron goes back to normal, loses the affection of the seniors, but keeps his essential Ronness.

Season 1: Episode 4 “Tick, Tick, Tick”

I get the feeling that this episode was meant to be a pilot and they gave one with a bit more mythology instead. But this is a fun one anyway.

Kim’s crimefighting has been causing her to be late for school and this lands her in detention with Coach Barkin, which she is none to happy about. In her own words “cheerleaders don’t get detention.” This statement confuses just about everyone.

The detention subplot is fun, but doesn’t really go anywhere, except that Ron and Wade keep sneaking Kim out.

The main mission comes when a bug scientist in South America has his lab burgled by none other than Shego and Drakken, who, even though we’ve seen her fight them before, this is played as their first meeting. I don’t mean that this is a bad thing, it’s just hard, when you’re watching straight through.

Anyway, Drakken took the designs for a “nano-tick,” which will provide him with basic mind control. It’s a fun little story that much better than their first appearance establishes their pattern: Drakken is incompetent and frustrated, Shego is the best, but disinterested, except for the fighting part.

Kim gets stuck with the “nano-tick,” and it brings Drakken and Shego to the detention classroom and drives Barkin bonkers. Kim and Ron win. (Hooray!) and Drakken gets blown into the sky.

Another win for our girl:

Boo-Yas & Nacos (Also Known as Stray Thoughts)

  • In “The New Ron” we find out that Mrs. Dr. Possible is a brain surgeon when she serves the family “brain loaf.” Kim is disgusted, Jim and Tim think it rocks.
  • It is revealed that the Possibles have a launching pad in their yard, which the boys use to blow things up.
  • Also, Mr. Dr. P, when ostensibly giving Kim advice about Ron, actually tells her a story about “Pinky Joe” a lab rat he was fond of in grad school. Mr. Dr. P liberated him and gave him a mecha suit. I like to think the only thing that kept him from becoming a super villain was Mrs. Dr. P.
  • In other Mr. Dr. P news, he’s voiced by Gary Cole! How fun!
  • Senor Senior Senior is voiced by Ricardo Montellban, because again, best show ever.
  • When Kim asks the seniors to unplug the tanning bed, Junior responds with “But if I am to be a teen pop sensation, I need a robust tan.” This is why I love him.
  • “Has he gotten better trousers?” Junior, deeply concerned about Ron’s pants.
  • Ron’s new look no longer features pockets so Rufus gets dropped. It’s very sad and though Ron is still concerned about him, but it’s awful.
  • Kim’s detention buddies, Vinnie, Big Mike and Junior, are pretty great.
  • Barkin has blond hair here, the only time it happens.
  • We go to Bueno Nacho for the first time! It is promptly blown up by Drakken, but it was nice to be there!
  • “Your Mr. Barkin seems tough but fair.” Mr. Dr. P does not understand Kim’s angst, like at all.
  • The Middleton High sign “Detention: Room 12” and “Detention: Still Room 12”
  • The bugs cause another Wannaweep flashback for Ron.

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