Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 1 Episodes 1 & 2

So I’ve decided to rewatch Kim Possible. This came when I had a revelation this past weekend about Ron Stoppable and Bolin from from The Legend of Korra and how they’re the same character.

I’ve also decided to weekly check ins with this rewatch which will hopefully keep me from dropping out. (I mean, maybe I still will, we all saw how well that went with Buffy, but KP is a LOT shorter…) These are going to be as close to straight recaps as we can get. So here we go!

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 1 Episode 1: “Crush”

Just about everything you could possibly need to know about Kim Possible the show is laid out in the episode and I kind of couldn’t believe it. We open on Middleton High, it’s front sign (which changes each time we see it) reads: “Spirit Week: Dance Friday” Kim, our hero, walks up to a locker where Ron Stoppable our lovable doofus, is searching feverishly for his naked mole rat Rufus. Kim teases him and Rufus gently and asks if maybe Ron should get a normal pet. We immediately learn that “Never be Normal!” is the Ron Stoppable motto. And he will live by this in the eighty of so episodes to come.

Kim is stopped in her tracks when she sees Josh Menkey, a hottie of the most early 00’s persuasion. (His frosted tips take me back to time when they were the HOTTEST thing on the planet) and while she manages to chat with him a little, it’s clear she’s awkward around him. He recognizes her from the news, where she was featured for saving someone.

She gets buzzed on her “Kim-umicator” and we talk to Wade, her tech genius, both on the device and on a computer in Kim’s locker. Wade tells Kim that her website has a bunch of hits and she and Ron decide to go to Tokyo to stop her arch foe, Doctor Drakken, who has taken over a factory.

So about five minutes in, we have established Kim’s cred as a teen hero, Ron and Rufus’s wierdness, Menkey, and Wade. We also have established that while Kim and Ron are besties and generally attend dances together, they are not dating. That’s A LOT of really important info for a very short amount of time.

Kim and Ron go to Tokyo and Drakken and his sidekick Shego get away but they manage to save some hostages. The next morning, Kim sits at breakfast with her parents and younger brothers, and her parents encourage her to keep trying. (Her dad would prefer this advice only go as far as defeating Drakken, maybe not so much with the boys.)

We see here that the Tweebs (Kim’s baby bros) have excellent tech knowledge, but we’re not yet clued in to her parents work as rocket scientist (Mr. Dr. P) and brain surgeon (Mrs. Dr. P.) But still, we’ve met many key characters. Kim goes to school determined to ask Josh to the dance. She fails miserably, due in many cases to things being out of her control. She gets ready for cheer practice and is taunted by Bonnie Rottwheiler, and she practices and accidentally destroys Josh’s dance banner when she gets buzzed to head out on mission again.

At the mission they fight a giant robot, and Kim fights Shego (the first of oh so many wonderful showdowns) while Ron distracts everyone. They win, with some stellar team work, and back at school, Kim finally gets it together asks Josh to the dance, while Ron gets locked in a supply closet.

Season 1 Episode 2: “Sink or Swim”

What’s fun about the first two episodes is that in Episode 1 we see how amazing Kim is, but in 2 we see Ron shine. On their way to a cheerleading competition, the squad’s school bus blows 2 tires, and they’re stranded. The catch here, of course, is that they’re stranded in the ruins of Camp Wannaweep, where a young(er) Ron once passed a terrible summer. Ron believes that danger lurks around every corner of the camp.

Everyone, including the squad’s angry chaperon, Coach Steve Barkin, get fed up with Ron’s ridiculous camp stories, although one cheerleader, Tara, seems kind of OK with it, and is willing to go along with him for a bit longer. We see Kim’s bossy side and her control freak side here, so while this is Ron’s story we do get a bigger picture of who Kim is as a person.

Eager to escape Ron’s dire attitude, Kim and Barkin go searching for firewood, but Barking disappears. By the time Kim makes it back to camp, two of the girls are missing as well. As it turns out, they’re being picked off by Gil, a camp bully of Ron’s who mutated into Gill, the extra “l” there because he is now a fish monster. The lake at Camp Wannaweep was made toxic by runoff from a nearby science camp. Gill traded with Ron for extra swimming time, because Ron knew the lake was funky. Now Gill wants revenge on Ron for some reason, and arranged this whole scenario to get it.

In the end they all get away thanks to Ron’s arts and crafts mojo, and they turn Gill over to some scientists to be cured. Kim praises Ron’s ability in managing a crisis and he insists he should take the lead on their next mission. She gives him a “we’ll see,” which is code for “not terribly likely.”

Things We See For The First Time (Later to Also Include Callbacks):

  • Catchphrases and Kim-Slang: “Baddical” is one that doesn’t get used quite as often as others, but it’s a fun one. “So Not The Drama,” “Boo-Ya!” & “What’s the Sitch” are not going to called out each time, because we hear them a lot. Also Dr. Drakken’s “You think you’re all that but you’re not!” and also, Josh’s signature, “Hey,” gets a lot of use in episode 1
  • I am just going to get out of the way now how much I love the voice cast. I will spend a lot of time praising Christie Carlson-Ramano and Will Friedle. We don’t get all of Kim’s shades here, we see her in tough mode and awkward mode, but we don’t really see whiny Kim, which is one of my favorites. Ron is really Friedle’s best work. (Yes, yes, I think he does better with Ron than with Terry McGinnis, he also has somewhat more varied material) Taj Mowry’s Wade doesn’t get really anything particularly exciting until season 4. John Dimaggio doesn’t exactly give us what would later make Drakken great here, but it’s starting to get there. Nicole Sullivan is definitely doesn’t get to shine as Shego, but she’ll get many later opportunities. “Sink or Swim” also gives us our intro to the great Patrick Warburton as Coach Barkin. Kirsten Storm’s Bonnie is also fantastic and Nancy Cartwright’s work with Rufus makes the show what it is.
  • The sign outside of Middleton High reads “Need a date? Call Ron” at one point.
  • When they head to Tokyo, they get a ride from teen pop sensation Britina, who will come back a few times. Also, they always get rides from people Kim has helped in the past.
  • “You’re website says  you can do anything, but you need to draw a line.” No catsitting for Team Possible, that’s their line.
  • “So, you were always a piece of work, huh Stoppable?” Words of wisdom from Coach Barkin
  • Gill will also return, but sadly only once.
  • Wade’s gadgets that he makes for Kim are fun, but I think only show up in season 1. Here we see lip gloss that is actually stink gas, synthesized from his dad’s smelly old socks is pretty ingenius and funny.
  • Ron fails at his grappling hook and is left in his underpants, which basically sums up Ron.
  • “Also lanyards! I was great at lanyards!”
  • You see Tara’s crush on Ron here. He is oblivious to it. Kim will encourage them to date for a bit and I think that they do for an episode. But it’s cute how she sticks up for him here when Bonnie and Kim are trying to tear them down.
  • At Camp Wannaweep, Ron’s cabin mate was a tick infested chimpanzee. This explains a lot of things about Ron that we learn down the line.

So we’ll see how this goes, I think it’s going to be fun!


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