Are You, Are You Coming To The Tree?


I’ve spent the past few days trying to figure out how to talk about Mockingjay: Part 1, which I saw with my dad on Sunday afternoon.  Basically the word that we took away from it is “intense,” this was an intense movie.

Most of this review is filtered through the fact that I have read the books, so if you haven’t

It wasn’t intense from an action perspective. Most of the action in Mockingjay takes place in it’s second half. No, Mockingjay Part 1 is an emotionally intense movie, that follows Katniss Everdeen as she tries to recover from the events of Catching Fire, the destruction of her home, the abandonment of her lover, and well, just all of her trauma.

She does not do well at this, and Peeta is being tortured, something that only Katniss and Haymitch seem to be able to perceive. (I will NEVER get over Gale calling Peeta a coward, regardless of Liam’s beautiful Hemsworth face. I just can’t do it!)

Look, there’s a lot of things about The Hunger Games that I have trouble expressing, but generally, I really like these movies. I tend to get overwhelmed by all of the J-Law love but Jennifer Lawrence does exceptional work in these movies and this one especially she does amazing things.

Elizabeth Banks has never been better than she is as Effie here, her whole “political refugee” schtick is really endearing, Woody Harrelson continues to play a role he was born for and Julianne Moore as President Coin is spectacular and Donald Southerland continues to be a welcome creepy and wonderful presence as President Snow.

Natalie Dormer is now in these movies as Cressida and if I haven’t mentioned it I LOVE HER! Also Elden Henson is Pollux. FULTON! FULTON REED! In The Hunger Games. Before he is in Daredevil.

Sorry, fangirl moment over.

There’s a lot of poignancy given to Philip Seymour Hoffman as Plutarch and some of it is probably projected because of he shot these scenes so soon before his death, but there is a reason why this man was the best.

Overall, it’s hard to critique this movie since it’s only half of a movie, but it was a very enjoyable half of a movie, and I really enjoyed that half and the bravery of making a movie this claustrophobic in a series that’s always been praised for it’s larger world building.

I also have had that damn song in my head for days!


  1. Guardians of The Galaxy
  2. Big Hero 6
  3. Mockingjay: Part 1
  4. Interstellar
  5. Godzilla
  6. Chef
  7. X-Men: Days of Future Past
  8. The 100 Foot Journey
  9. The Judge
  10. How To Train Your Dragon 2
  11. Lucy
  12. The Boxtrolls
  13. Jersey Boys
  14. Maleficent
  15. The Amazing Spider-Man 2


Pitch Perfect 2: My God the squees! Just a large intake of breath, from every teenage girl in the room. This made me smile and feel warm inside.

The Interview: “That actually looks pretty funny.” – A Ringing Endorsement from Dad


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