Batman Eternal  30-33


Hey guys! There was less plot in these issues, and absolutely no scenes where the Bat-kids flirted with each other.

Which, is pretty lame. I’ve come to expect at least one issue of Batkid flirting. There wasn’t even Harper and Tim!

Weak Sauce.

There was a lot of cool action though.

So The Spectre and Batwing managed to stop Deacon Blackfire from rising, which is good? I guess. But Arkham still blew up, because you know, Arkham Manor is a thing that’s very important to End Game.

You know how on Scandal, in the early seasons, Olivia and Cyrus used to say, “All roads lead to Fitz,” when they had to give up something important to them in order to help Fitz? I feel like that’s what all of the Batbooks are doing with End Game these days. All roads lead to End Game. Except maybe Grayson, I’m still not sure where that’s going. Except hopefully, away. (As long as we get Nightwing back when it goes away.)

Anyway, Alfred and Bane fight their way out of the Arkham rubble together, which is ten kinds of bad ass. Stephanie almost gets herself killed by Hush, but Batman stops him, and then he saves Batwing.

Also, Hush gets access to all of Batman’s weapons caches and blows one of them up and then winds up face to face with Julia.

This month really belonged to the covers which were except for 30 by Rafael Albuquerque, and completely gorgeous. They look like oil paintings and made me very happy.


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