Sailor Moon Check In: What EXACTLY is happening here?

Oh, hey guys. It’s Sailor Moon Crystal week so it’s time to check in on what’s going on with my head and these characters. Hooray!

Sailor Moon


Gah! NO, still not Manga. Leave me alone already, self.

Original Anime

I’m going to miss this arc when it’s gone. It’s so silly. Ail and An are so vain and petty and stupid, but not like totally incompetent like someone I could name. (Kunzite.) Mamoru and Usagi babysat a kid while his mom was in a coma and we got to see that Mamoru is like, a super good dad. (Which of course will come to be important very soon, I’m guessing.) And of course there’s a weird run about Makoto’s boobs and being cast in Snow White. Made me uncomfortable. Also, Rei wants to be a pop star? Which, I mean, I thought that was Minako? And speaking of Minako…


Ugh, what is with her here? She knows everything but isn’t telling anyone anything. Luckily that’s all dispensed with because Queen Serenity finally explained it to them when they all went to the Moon. (How cool was it when they went to the moon?) Of course, now we have brainwashed Mamoru to deal with. At least here it will probably only last an episode or two not like a million years like in the original. Oh, right, and The Four Kings of Heaven and The Inner Senshi were in love.

Because Shipping.


In a less sarcastic way? This doesn’t mean too much to me, but I do love the image of the four and four staring at one another across a field in a memory of a past life. Here’s a question…why back in Silver Millenium did Serenity get a pretty dress and the Senshi still dress like Sailors? That seems, incongruous?

Other Stuff

No other stuff to report, really. Considering a Princess Serenity cosplay, since I actually have a dress that might work for it. But I’d have to buy the wig and make props. So, maybe not. Also, I’m considering illegally watching the original dub. I’m curious to see just how awful it is. (I’ve heard nothing but terrible things and I’m honestly super curious…) That’s going to depend on how much time I have going into the holidays!


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