Sailor Moon Check In: “It Isn’t Easy Being A Superhero”

When I got home from my weekly dinner with my mom and sister (and often times brother and mom’s coworkers) I realized that I was the only person home and that I was going to be able to watch Sailor Moon: Crystal on the big TV while doing other things on my laptop. It was very exciting, because I’m pretty sure that I haven’t watched any of Crystal on the big screen.

Holy crap does it look beautiful.

But let’s do the full check in.

Moon Crystal Power...

Moon Crystal Power…


Still no. I’m going to reward myself with them, when I get caught up on my comics reading this weekend.


I loved this episode. I love when all the mistaken identity and random, “I can only remember glimpses of the Silver Millenium” and all of that jazz is over and we can start having other fun. Fun like The Senshi brushing Usagi’s hair and braiding flowers into it, and Venus being like, “I’m the leader now bitches, even though you just met me like a second ago.” It’s all pretty epic and awesome and great and I’m thrilled about that.

Original Anime

I’m obsessed with the “R” arc. Oh my god. I love it so much. I love the weird alien lover villains who don’t understand that hiding out as brother and sister is mega creepy. I love that they both have crushes on Usagi and Mamoru. I love the Moonlight Knight, who is ABSURD. I particularly loved the episode that was put up this week, which featured Minako making friends with a little Kindergarten Sailor Moon fangirl and then obviously they fight a monster. Also Usagi got a cool new transformation sequence, and I love it so much! So much!

I’m very happy to see that instead of filling in, they’ve decided to create something new. I think part of why I like this arc is because it’s original, not from the manga and therefore I don’t always know what’s coming.

That’s pretty cool.


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