Batman Eternal: 26-29


Hello, Gotham! I am sitting watching your sad excuse for a television show on my DVR right now as I write this. (Actually this week’s episode was great. No Fish Mooney. Huh, imagine that.)

So I may have abandoned the weekly recaps of what comics I’m reading, but any series that has an issue end with Barbara Gordon and Jason Todd breaking a corrupt cop’s leg and then cuddling on a bridge deserves every inch of my attention. (It didn’t go beyond the bridge cuddling, because Jason had to go back to third wheeling it with Kori and Roy, but it was a lovely moment.)

So, we’re checking in on this month’s Eternal.

Hush is definitely behind everything and no one, especially not Julia believes Bruce when he’s talking about it. Luckily, when Tim, Barbara and Jason go to the Batcave to yell at Bruce about something, like not trusting them, or whatever. (This scene is getting old, my friends. How many times can those three do this? I can’t wait until Damian’s back so Tim can go back to fighting with him…) He tells them that it’s Hush and they are immediately on board, because they know that Hush is bad news. Although, Jason was still dead when he was around right? Ugh, continuity, you tricky beast you.

So back to that cop dangling. Barbara’s decided she’s had enough of Bard not freeing her father. So she dangles him off a building and almost kills him. She doesn’t, because Jason shows up to do it for her. This of course jolts her out of it and they just break his leg. This is the most twisted and hilarious exorcising of sexual tension in the history of ever and so deeply fitting of these two characters I can barely stand it. Barbara tries to convince Jason to stay in Gotham and he says no. She points out vaguely that they could give it a shot and he responds, “I’m not Dick Grayson,” and then I cry forever.

I will never ship Jason/Barbara but this was a very fun little pocket of action, if I do say so myself.

Meanwhile, Selina almost gets herself killed in a strip club in front of that little kid but Bruce saves her, because Selina. She decides to take up her father on his offer to take over the Calabrese family, which we all knew was going to happen anyway.

Meanwhile, at Arkham, where Alfred is now under the watchful eye of some psychos. (GREEEAAAATTT…)  Joker’s Daughter is keeping Batwing in a box, but he gets out and manages to get to where Deacon Blackfire is resurrecting himself, and maybe now that all of that Jason/Barbara drama is over I’ll pay attention to this plotline. I probably won’t but you know, whatever. They intercept a clue from The Riddler, which basically confirms that Hush is in control of everything.

In Stephanie land, she confronts her father and lets Batman know that people are tracking him. She’s doing some cool things and I hope that her plotline links up with the rest of the family soon. (TIM AND STEPH NOW PLEASE! THANK YOU!)

So that’s this month’s Eternal, see you next month.


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