The Basic Geek Girl

Earlier in the week I posted an article about the term “basic bitch” and how it’s use is casually misogynistic. And it got me thinking about niche “basic” girls, specifically, what does the “Basic Geek Girl” look like? I think I’ve nailed her (and I might share several characteristics with her)

  • She loves the MCU. It was probably one of her big nerd gateways. She’ll more than likely will tell you that Loki is her favorite character and definitely ships Black Widow/Hawkeye. She is obsessed with figuring out exactly what happened in Budapest.
  • She’s a Whovian, but probably only Nu Who. 10 is her Doctor, but she cosplays as Amy Pond.
  • If you bring up Sherlock, she will declare that she is a Cumberbitch.
  • She loved Twilight. She will deny it. But she definitely did.
  •  She went bonkers of over Batgirl #35
  • She owns at least one piece of jewelry with The Deathly Hollows on it, and may have “I solemnly swear I am up to no good,” tatooed on her someplace.
  • She loves Donald Glover. She probably has Childish Gambino stuff on her phone, even though she doesn’t really listen to rap.
  • She’s on Tumblr
  • If she goes to conventions, she always carves out time for the Women of Marvel panel
  • Christian Bale is her Batman
  • She owns at least one “Keep Calm” tee shirt.
  • She lives and dies by her ships. LIVES AND DIES.
  • She watched Firefly, maybe Buffy, probably not Angel or Dollhouse.
  • She plays Wii, and definitely played games as a kid, but probably didn’t keep up on hardcore gaming.
  • She has a crush on Chris Hardwick. And Chris Hemsworth. And Chris Evans. And Chris Pratt. LOOK if his name is Chris and he’s prominent in geek culture, she likes him.
  • Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell made her cry and she’ll tell you all about it.
  • She’ll tell you all about her house, be it at Hogwarts or in Westeros.
  • Her pets are named after book characters
  • She owns many books. She’s read most of them. Some of them were gifts or bought aspirationally.
  • She identifies deeply with Jessica Day, Liz Lemmon and Leslie Knope.
  • Her bookmarks include, Cracked & The Mary Sue
  • She probably had a crush on Jon Stewart at some point in her life.
  • Don’t bring up Neil Gaiman around her. Trust me.
  • She went through a “goth” phase that mostly consisted of wearing black eyeliner and watching Tim Burton movies.

So those are the characteristics that I landed on. I’ve met these girls. I am these girls in a lot of ways. But if you run in geeky circles you know exactly what I’m talking about. What are some other ones that you can think of?


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