Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now: New TV Season Edition

Hey All! I was going to write about The Flash, but then, too much wine. So um, instead we’re doing a things I’m obsessed with, which I am perfectly capable of writing after having had a tad too much to drink.

  1. The Flash. It’s everything I wanted it to be and more. Fun, funny, action packed, referency to the comics without being beholden to the comics. Features both Jesse L. Martin and Tom Cavanaugh beautifully.
  2. Selfie. So much cuter than it has any right to be, but I’m not sure I can possibly explain how much I adore watching Karen Gillan and John Cho navigate various social difficulties together. Also, as Karen Gillan is literally the master of platonic flirting it’s giving the show the best possible vibe.
  3. Parenthood’s final season. Amber is pregnant! Zeke is probably dying! Crosby crashes his motorcycle. Max has a crush on a girl! Hattie is a lesbian! Hank’s ex wife doesn’t want their daughter around Sarah! Julia is sleeping with some dude while Joel continues to be a perfect example of everything a human being should be! Sydney is girl bullying, which frankly, anyone who watches the show could have seen coming, but Joel and Julie seem to think is “out of character” because they did not previously spot that their daughter is a nightmare! I CRY EVERY EPISODE!
  4. Trying to justify continuing to watch Gotham, which as someone who watched Smallville until season 8, means that I will watch it forever.
  5. Kelly Sue DeConnick. She has nothing to do with the new TV season, I just love her a lot. I want to be her. CAROL CORPS FOREVER!
  6. Crazy Mellie on Scandal, I still haven’t watched last week’s ep, but I loved her wandering around the white house in her jammies eating cereal out of the box.
  7. Mary and Joe are hooked on Scandal! Hooray! More people to talk about how bonkers great the show is.
  8. Black-ish. I like black centered sit coms, I kind of always have. Seriously, I watched The Hughleys religiously. I’m not saying that Black-ish is like The Hughleys, it’s a million times better, I’m just saying that, I don’t know, this one got away from me. I guess I like comedies written with the voice of a strong African American Father Figure. (See also, The Cosby Show Everybody Hates Chris) How can I phrase this without sounding like I’m being racist? I bet Neal Brennan could do it. (I’m not as funny or smart as Neal Brennan)
  9. Emily failing spectacularly at being a vigilante justice seeker as her new identity on Revenge. Really, she’s bad at it.
  10. Romantic Comedy pilots going out the butt. Some of them are stinkers, and others are Selfie and Marry Me.
  11. Once Upon A Time, I’m AGAIN a week behind, but I love what they’ve done with this season so far.
  12. Figuring out Mulaney. Do I like it? Do I just like John Mulaney and Martin Short? Is it good? What is good when applied to a 3 camera sitcom these days? I laugh at least twice an episode so I guess that counts as “good.”
  13. That it’s new TV season! I can’t help it I really, really like television. I like it a lot more than is probably healthy and so I’m always, always happy when it comes back.

And that’s where we are now.


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