New York Comic Con Day 3

OK, so 4 days is like a long time. I really didn’t realize how long 4 days was. It’s been great, and I’m super looking forward to today. Among other things, I’m going to another panel that features Kelly Sue, and also I’ll be wearing a crinoline (so much more comfortable than a leotard, right? Maybe, only if you’re me.) But let’s talk about today!

Today was mostly about Cosplay, because today Aless and I went as Black Canary and Zatanna and it was excessively epic.

I'm doing The Canary Call and Aless is doing magic OBVIOUSLY!

I’m doing The Canary Call and Aless is doing magic OBVIOUSLY!

A lot of people stopped to take our picture, I gave many of them cards. Seriously, if any of you are reading this, PLEASE email us those pictures. We were busy with other stuff and didn’t get many pics of just the two of us in costume and we loved these outfits. But a couple of other cool things happened too.

You know like meeting some guy named JIM LEE!

You know like meeting some guy named JIM LEE!

One of those cool things was the Batman 75th Anniversary Panel. Which was moderated by Brad from DC Unlimited (a seriously cool web series) and featured, Geoff Johns, Kevin Frickin Conroy (Aless’s words), Neal Adams, Greg Capullo, Scott Snyder and Jim Lee. (Who I met. Did I mention that I MET JIM LEE?)

I tried to take notes during this panel. I really, really did. But I managed to scribble down a few things that happened. Everyone talked about their favorite villains. (Joker for everyone but Neal, who picked R’as BIG SHOCK). Kevin was the best because of course he had to talk about Mark Hamill and how that’s the reason he loves Joker, which is frankly adorable. He also came out and did, “I am the vengence, I am the night, I AM BATMAN” as soon as he got to the mic. Which satisfied many things. The other thing that was discussed was how Batman the TV show was pretty much everyone’s entry point, except Scott, who’s young enough for Batman: The Animated Series to have been his entry point. Neal briefly touched on working with Denny O’Neil, and talked about Batman: Odyssey in detail and I really do need to read that, Scott and Greg talked about being instantly iconic. (Namely the Talons and Death of The Family), Jim Lee talked about Hush, everyone talked about The Dark Knight Returns and then they showed the two Bruce Timm produced shorts, which I had seen and were excessively great.

But there was trouble, as the clips didn’t roll right away, and the lights were down and nothing was happening and Kevin Conroy just started singing “Am I blue,” out of nowhere. Now, this the second sexiest thing to happen at Comic Con this year. (#1 being Chris Hardwick interviewing Hugh Laurie and George Clooney, because, remember when that happened, and I was there?) It was a really great time.

After that was the Daredevil TV Panel, which was, um, good? The show looks good, and the cast seems really psyched and Jeff Loeb is superb and very passionate about his job and Vincent D’Onofrio will be the best actor on Netflix, because they showed one scene of his and it was insanely good.

Then we met up with a few of Aless’s friends, and then we went over to artist’s alley to hover around waiting for Gail Simone, where we then met Jim Lee. We sadly, both had left our copies of Hush at home. (We really didn’t think we’d get to see him) But then, then after waiting around for an hour, we met Gail.

I was giggling the WHOLE time we were talking to her.

I was giggling the WHOLE time we were talking to her.

It was a brief chat, but she complimented our costumes, AND our names. (Thanks Mommy and Daddy, for giving me an eternal conversation starter) She signed our Batgirl: The Darkest Mirror books, and here we are.

Then we hit a bar with Aless’s friends, who are great and I’m so happy to have in my life. Tomorrow is our final day, and it’s going to be pretty fun. We have a lot to do, several panels to check out and a couple of signings to hit. See you all on the other side!


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