New York Comic Con 2014: Day 2

Day 2 began with me wandering around by myself in a hungover haze, and ended with, well, it ended with some pretty amazing stuff.

First of all. I really need to thank The Mary Sue for Geek Girl HQ, when you’re by yourself at Con, and don’t feel well? A nice quiet air conditioned room with WiFi and nice girls in cool cosplays is like, the greatest gift in the world.

So thanks Mary Sue, you pretty much saved the day!

I also did a little shopping. (There was jewelery that I bought) I met Kate Leth and had he sign my copy of Fraggle Rock, and was once again without my partner in crime until late in the evening. (Something about school? And class? And midterms? I don’t know…)

So, this happened....

So, this happened….

Anyway, deciding that, while it was all well and good to sit around and be anti social at Geek Girl HQ, I’d probably be better off taking a nap, I did so, and feeling much better headed back to the con, and attended two panels right in a row.

The first one was Brian Lee O’Malley. And while Scott Pilgrim is basically the reason that I started reading comics, I was not terribly stimulated by this panel. I still haven’t read Seconds, because I sort of suck…and for a majority of the panel he was talking about the gentrification of Toronto and the co opting of hipster culture, which frankly, is something I have zero interest in. He did give some cool insights into his writing process which includes making a playlist that he “can’t start writing until it’s finished, and when it is I don’t touch it.” Which is a very, very cool way to set the mood and tone of your story before you even start. And while his favorite Evil Ex is always changing, at the moment of that panel it was Todd, because he saw some cool Todd cosplay before getting there.

I may try it.

And then.

AND THEN! I ran to the Vulture’s “The Future of Women in Fandom” panel, which featured Gail Simone and Sana Amanat and of course Kelly Sue DeConnick.

It was amazing. This was a 45 minute panel that I have 8 pages of notes about.

First of all, the most incredible thing about it was how very different these three women are. Sana, who is one of the creators of Kamala Khan (which earns her all my love. You know how I feel about Kamala.) is soft spoken and funny and seems maybe a little bit shy? Gail is cool and fun and intense. And Kelly Sue is a force of nature. And they’re all super smart and sharp and amazing, and write wonderful, wonderful stories.

But I’m pretty sure that if it came right down to it, I’d follow Kelly Sue into battle, and I wouldn’t be alone. She is commanding and smart and amazing and I think I’m a little bit in love with her. This panel was talking about why female fandom is all of a sudden a thing, (The answer, it’s always been a thing, it’s just that with the internet people know it’s a thing.), if it’s sustainable (give your comics to your friends, then it will sustain, also, read Lumberjanes.) and feminism and intersectionality and sexuality.

Listening to Gail Simone talk about women’s sexuality as represented in comics was incredible. I mean, this is the woman who made Red Sonja a feminist icon, she talked about how it’s all about coming at it from character. Sonja wears a chainmail bikini because Sonja likes her chainmail bikini. That’s it. It’s all about giving your powers agency and choice over their body.

But then Kelly Sue talked about intersectionality and solidarity and I was practically in tears. It was so beautiful. Particularly she was talking about some of the dumb ass things men in fanboy culture do.

“If someone asks you who would win, Carol or Wonder Woman? Why are they fighting? They’re both good guys! If you tried to make them fight, they would bury you!”

And that was just her warm up act. Some poor dude dared to ask for advice on writing female characters.

“Pretend like they’re people.” She snapped pointing out how dumb this question is. It was great. Learning to deal with gatekeeping and Sana talking about being a woman of color and writing a character who’s a woman of color, it’s all so cool and great of awesome.

Then I met up with Aless and we went to artist alley and did a very good job of not fangirling out on Babs Tarr and Yale Stewart if I do say so myself, and then we met some cool fangirls back at Geek Girl HQ while we charged our phones.

We went out to dinner with my family last night and so were much better behaved, though Aless is still hungover, I am in much better shape.

Today’s going to be fun. The Batman 75th panel is great. I’m wearing the Black Canary Cosplay that I’ve been working on for six months and well, it’s just going to be fun! Again, head to facebook and twitter to see things as they happen!


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