Bringing Balance To The World…and shipping

So, if you follow my twitter and facebook at all, you’ll know that lately I’ve been completely 100% obsessed with Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra.

And I mean obsessed. I haven’t been this giddy and with an animated series since Young Justice.

And I even get to watch season 4 of Korra in real time. I loved the season opener super hard. This is such a wonderful, layered and complicated world and there are so many things to unpack, like spiritualism, and amazing female characters and a rich mythology and history, and every time I tried to write about it, all I could get down to, was, “I feel super let down that Katara and Aang ended up together because she and Zuko were clearly meant to be. Do we know if Sokka and Sooki got married? I hope they did. Hey! Don’t you think that Korra and General Iroh II would be awesome together?”

I’m not proud of this, OK? Shipping is a really fun thing, but I try to never have it be the primary focus of something I’m fangirling over. Unless it’s Twilight, in which case the entire point is shipping, but I know that there are things in Avatar and Korra that I should be caring more about and I just can’t bring myself to.


We’re going to get into my OTPs.

Katara & Zuko

I know. I know! Look, I get it Aang’s the hero, I know that they had three awesome kids in the end and refounded The Air Nation. But COME ON, that moment when Katara and Zuko are in that prison in The Earth Kingdom talking about their mother’s? How do you not want these two people to be together? Also when he steels her necklace, which granted was creepy and evil and whatever, but I mean, I just love the idea of them together. I particularly love when he joins Team Avatar and she yells at him that she doesn’t trust him, until she does trust him and they should be together.

They just SHOULD OK?

There’s still time in Korra, as Aang is dead and they are both still alive. I’m just saying. Gran Gran and that Water Master from the Northern Tribe got it together, I see no reason they can’t enjoy their golden years. NO REASON! (I get heated about this one.)

Sokka & Sooki

Everytime Sokka was with another girl I found myself booing. I mean, look, we all love a good Moon Princess and everything, but Sooki is a full on bad ass earth bender, who is the first non sister person to call Sokka on his misogyny. She also teaches him how to fight better and she breaks him out of prison, and then he breaks her out of prison, and there’s that whole romantic evening in the tent that got broken up because Zuko had to talk to Sokka about his feelings about Katara not liking him. (Apparently just as a person, which is BULLSHIT!)

I really hope that we get some indication that they stayed together. And not just because I want to hear more of Chris Hardwick as adult Sokka. Although that is like, a pretty big part of it.

Bolin & Eska

“Foolish Bolin!” With those to words, Aubrey Plaza sent me into a true bizarre shipping on these two. And not just because they are the Avatar universe’s answer to April and Andy.

Mako & Asami

I think I’m in the minority here, especially because in season 2 he was really crappy to her, but I love the two of them together. I think they check each other very well, and also just visually, their character designs look lovely together. And I know that’s on purpose, but still.

And finally, and this is my biggest and weirdest one.

Korra & General Iroh II

Look, I know we barely know anything about him, and we’ve only seen them together twice. Basically, all we know is that he’s the commander of the united forces, and he’s Zuko’s grandson, who happens to have his exact same voice. And he’s named after the best character in the entire Avatar Universe. But all both of the times we’ve seen Iroh and Korra together it’s been magical. He tries to steal the entire fleet to help her at one point. They jump out of planes together. He gives her good advice about going to the Fire Nation, which of course winds up not happening. I also feel like a soldier is just a good fit for Korra. Someone who understands what it means to have to fight the hard battles she’s fought.

Whatever, I’m weird. I know.

So that’s where I am with that. I really am enjoying a lot more than just shipping here, and I hope that now that I’ve got that all out, I can actually analyze all the other cool stuff going on.


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