Marvel Comics Wrap Up: 10/1/2014

Hey guys! So, I just wanted to let you know that wrap ups may not come til late Sunday night next week. I’m going to be at New York Comic Con, and I’m going to try to get everything read and written up, but there’s going to be lots of things going on.

But that’s next week’s problem. This week, let’s dive in!


Legendary Star-Lord #4

Peter’s going to Earth to confront Thanos, not to go on a date with Kitty and she’s kind of mad at him about it. I don’t blame her, that is supreme;y not cool. Anyway, he does does confront Thanos and it turns out after the Cancerverse, they made a truce which is now up and Peter has decided to kill Thanos. Spoiler alert, he doesn’t. Also he leaves a sweet note for Kitty, and we still don’t know what the deal with Mr. Knife is.

Captain America #25

Sam didn’t die. (Duh!) But everyone gave nice speeches about them anyway. Zola’s daughter went back to an alternate dimension with him, which makes everyone sort of disappointed. Back at Avengers mansion Steve announces to the entirety of the team (literally everyone) that Sam is going to be the new Captain America. They make a joke about this being the most anticlimactic announcement ever, but it’s still pretty nice. And some group of super villains are already trying to bring him down. I’m really looking forward to this, in a big way.

Black Widow #11

Can every Black Widow book be her and X-23? Actually can Laura just be in everything? She’s so much fun! Anyway, Laura and Natasha go to a casino to free her lawyer, and manage to. There are helicopters and boom boom explosions and it’s great. Also, whoever’s trying to get to Natasha kills another person who failed at it. Seriously, I love this book and it’s layers and it’s team ups and it’s genuine fun. There’s always a lot going on.

Disney Kingdom’s Figment #5: “Journey Into Imagination Part 5”

After coming home, Blair, now known as “The Dreamweaver,” Figment and friends have to save London from evil fascist robots, because comics are an objectively good thing! Anyway, they do so, with the power of imagination, and Blair and The Chairman make up. Also, Blair and Figment travel through time and space and wind up at Epcot center, which is frankly an awesome ending to this fun little series. I’m going to miss it, but I’m glad it ended well.

Thor #1:

So speaking of anti climactic endings…Look, I get it, we had to show all of Asgard being worried about Thor not having his hammer and all the “you’re worthy regardless” stuff was nice. But that we still don’t know who this woman wielding the hammer is? That kind of annoys me. But it was a cool story, and the battle with the dark elves underwater was really fun. I just hate having to wait another month for answers.


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