DC Comics Wrap Up: 10/1/2014

Hey guys! Gotham Academy came out this week and it wasn’t the only fairly awesome thing to happen in the DCU, I really, really enjoyed this week’s books (with one not so tiny exception), and I’m excited to see where things are going.


Grayson #3

Guns. I don’t know if you realize that Dick is a secret agent now, so he has a gun. So  the villain of this issue is named Gun. And Dick is bad at shooting his gun. And everyone yells at him about it. Look, we’ve had 3 really good issues here, but this one was kind of a clunker. While I like the idea that Dick is hesitant to embrace some of the changes in his life, in particular the idea of fire arms and lethal force are difficult for him, there had to be a more subtle way of showing that than what’s d0ne here. In the meantime, he also has sex with the girl agent who’s teaching him to shoot, because if there’s anything you learn being raised by Bruce Wayne it’s that if a woman challenges you, you should immediately sleep with her. Immediately. Also she dies, because guns are BAD! And sleeping with members of the Bat-Family is hazardous to your health.

I really didn’t like this issue. Like at all. It seemed off in tone, it didn’t feel like the character I loved. But as always, the two pages of Dick and Bruce talking was insanely good and made me cry. And Spyral is clearly up to no good.

I miss Nightwing. Can he come back soon?

Wonder Woman #34

I’m going to miss Azzarello’s Wonder Woman with it’s crazy family dramas, deep mythical undertones and epic violence. Diana leads her forces against The First Born and realizes that the only way to defeat him is by having Zeke sit on the throne of Olympus or something? Look, when I said I was going to miss this version, I meant it. Not because I always loved the ride, but because at least there was a ride. This Wonder Woman, for better or worse has a point of view. And that’s a nice thing. Oh, also there were giant Steampunk Elephants, which is pretty fun.

Action Comics #35: “Afterdoomed”

After flying through some black holes to get rid of Doomsday Clark returns to Earth. The first thing that happens is that a Waynetech Satellite shoots some kryptonite at him. Ha! Bruce, you scamp! Kara briefs him on the Brainiac recovery efforts, Lois challenges him to a blog off, and he says that maybe we don’t need Superman anymore. Also, Lana and John Henry are officially a couple! YAY! And Lana is super pissed because he couldn’t save her parents…we’re veering dangerously close to Smallville territory there. Oh also Bruce tells him to take some time off to recover, which, I mean, pot, kettle? Right?

Batman/Superman #14: “Blank Slate”

So amnesia Bruce is running around having Shenanigans, and then Lois almost dies and he confesses to Alfred that he doesn’t remember anything. Alfred is kind of like, “AWESOME! Now you can just be a person. That’s all I ever wanted for you!” Which is actually perfectly in character for Alfred. Also, Catwoman convinces Superman to go all all powerful overlord. So that’ll be fun.

Justice League #34: “Injustice League Epilogue: Unlikely Allies”

Poor Captain Cold has been having weird dreams where The Flash is also his abusive father, which is one of the most spot on interpretations of dream logic ever. Also, Lex is trying to get the league to trust him and they don’t. And it turns out they’re trying to arrest him, but he’s cut a deal with Owlman. And Flash is trying to get Jessica to control Power Ring and it is not going well.


Future’s End #22

Terry and Plastique become full blown partners when he explains what the future means and what happens. I love the idea of that. It’s very cool. Also, Billy visits Tim, as does Ron Raymond. And Michael talks to Madison and OH MY GOD WHEN ARE FIRESTORM, SHAZAM AND RED ROBIN GOING TO GET IN ON THE ACTION? Also it turns out that The Blood Moon is Brainiac’s home planet. So we know what that means now.

Gotham Academy #1: “Welcome To Gotham Academy”

If I could accurately describe each and every panel of the book I would. But as it is, I’m just so happy that it’s finally here. I’m thrilled that we got glimpses of our entire cast, but for the most part just focused on Maps and Olive. (Who are both great by the way, especially Maps. I adore her.) I love that the book plays with the fact that it’s always raining in Gotham. And the image of Olive on her knees surrounded by her soaking wet books is framed to look like Bruce with his parents.  When Maps and Olive Go On An Adventure it doesn’t feel forced, it feels, nice and fun. Bruce Wayne’s two pages are also great. What happened between Olive and Batman? What’s the deal with Olive and Kyle? I don’t know, but I also can’t wait to find out! Yay Gotham Academy!





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