Marvel Comics Wrap Up: 9/24/2014

OK, so look, I think we can all agree that next week is going to be the best comics week in the world. (Gotham Academy Bitches!) but we’re still in this week, and Marvel, so I’m really glad to be there. I’m definitely not just waiting to read Gotham Academy or the week after for Batgirl.

No, now we’re talking about Marvel, and all that good stuff.

So time to dive in.


New Avengers #24: “The Cabal”

Supervillains are terrorizing alternate earths and torturing alternate Professor Xaviers. Which is kind of obvious. What’s less obvious and way more awesome, is Namor and Doctor Doom sitting at a banquet table talking about the nature of aristocracy and leadership. I know  that’s not what most people want from their comic books, but I’m not most people. Also, Black Panther is back in Wakanda, at least for a minute to diffuse a bomb.

Guardians of The Galaxy #19:

Turns out you can’t die in the cancerverse, but you can be naked Star-Lord. Hooray! Also, there’s an evil Avengers team known as The Revengers and they’re going to beat the crap out of Star-Lord, Drax and Richer Ryder. Also, probably Thanos.

Deadpool #35:

Deadpool and Ellie are bonding, and he goes to see her grandmother. Also she’s starting to ask questions, and he’s shutting her down. Also, he fights Dracula in a mecha suit and goes to The Xavier School and tells everyone that Wolverine is going to die. Yay Deadpool!

Amazing X-Men #11: World War Wendigo Part 4

The Avengers and Alpha Flight push the Wendigos across the US border where they turn back into people. It’s a temporary solution while everyone else goes to figure out how to end the curse. Also they fight Wolverine/Wendigo. I have to be honest, I like this book because of the jokes, and the art. The story, I could take or leave.

The Amazing Spider-Man 1.: “Learning to Crawl Part 5”

So, Peter has embraced being Spider-Man, everyone at school hates him and he beat Clash. Yay! Go Spidey Go! Really, while I get why someone would read Learning To Crawl, I just really cannot deal with another version of Spider-Man’s origin. I know it too well and have seen it too many times.

Anyway, that’s Marvel! See you next week!


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