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Gilmore Girls

So I celebrated with the rest of the internet when it was announced that Gilmore Girls was finally, finally going to be available to stream on Netflix on October 1. I have subscriptions to all 3 of the major streaming services, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus, and the complete lack of Gilmore Girls was always a major flaw in this system.

Here’s something that’s weird when I think about it. Gilmore Girls was really the first show I ever binged watched. Now, I’d been watching it since day 1. I loved Lauren Graham already from her failed sitcom MYOB (which was incidentally about a young quirky woman who reconnects with an estranged teenage family member. It’s the proto Gilmore, and if I could find it anywhere I would love to watch it again.) but when I was a freshman in college, the show’s last season, my friends and I rewatched the whole series up to the final season, just for fun. Pro Tip: this is an excellent way to see how truly awful the final season was. It’s like a completely different show.

I’m going to try resisting a rewatch binge this time around, mostly because I’m trying not to do that anymore, but I’m definitely going to check in on my favorite episodes, which means I’ve still got a good little marathon waiting for me next weekend. What are those favorite episodes you ask?

Season 1

The Pilot:

The opening moments alone, when that guy at Luke’s hits on Lorelai and then on Rory is beyond great. But then you meet Sookie and see her and Jackson’s budding romance for the first time. Go to the Gilmore house for the first time. The “Friday Night Dinner” arrangement is made. You meet just about everyone.

Rory’s Birthday Parties:

This is the first time where you really see how little Emily and Richard understand their daughter, granddaughter and their lives. But it’s also the first time you see Emily really, really try to bridge that gap. Also, Lorelai makes the most delightfully early 00’s dresses for the big Sweet 16 at the Gilmore House.

Rory’s Dance

Another stunning fashion moment for Alexis Bledel, she gets many. But mainly this is another strong Emily, Lorelai, Rory relationship episode, when Rory stays out all night and they all yell at each other.

Christopher Returns

I love Christopher. Pretty much any episode he’s in is going to be a favorite of mine, except for the last season. Which ruined him. But this is the first time he came back, he and Lorelai hooked up, he asked her to marry him and she said no, as would become their pattern. Also really sweet Rory and Richard moment where he assures her that while everyone has many regrets about how Christopher and Lorelai handled things in their youth, her existence is not one of those regrets.

Season 2

Nick & Nora/Sid & Nancy

We meet Jess! Also Rory joins the school paper and there’s some kind of drama with Tristan. Who I sort of always forget about.

Presenting Lorelai Gilmore

Rory has her cotillion. Christopher comes back and we learn about Sherry, his new girlfriend, and Richard finds out that his company is pushing him towards retirement. This episode also shows us the flashbacks to Lorelai’s pregnancy and her running away with baby Rory.

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Rory joins The Puffs, and Paris freaks out at her. She gets kidnapped in her PJ’s and yells at the headmaster. Also, I learn my own personal lunch move, “headphones and a book.” Doesn’t always work for me though. Also this is the one with the Chilton Mother’s fashion show, and we get the line, “Oh my God! You look like Nancy Reagan!”

The Bracebridge Dinner

Just pure Stars Hollow quirkiness on display. But also Rory/Jess stuff galore, as Dean spends the evening distracted by his little sister, and Jess gets Rory (mostly) to himself for the night.

A Tisket, A Tasket

The definitive Rory/Jess episode. Also a good Lorelai/Luke one. Also good Stars Hollow. Just a good one.

I Can’t Get Started

First tear jerker I listed I think. But it’s a good one. Christopher and Lorelai are on the verge of together and then they find out that Sherry is pregnant. Sookie’s wedding is also this episode and it’s all just lovely.

Season 3

Application Anxiety

Lane joins the band! We meet Dave! Also, some freaking out about Harvard, but I care a little bit less about that.

They Shoot Gilmores Don’t They?

Dance marathon! Rory/Dean breakup! 40’s clothes. So much goodness in 45 minutes.

A Deep Fried Korean Thanksgiving

The 4 Thanksgivings test even the Gilmore Girls’s eating prowess and this one is straight up giddy fun.

Swan Song

Look, if you don’t like the episode where Jess gets a black eye from a swan and is embarrassed to tell Rory and its the first time he really meets Emily and Richard and then he and Luke go after the swan with a ladle I think you might be watching the wrong show. Don’t watch Gilmore Girls, watch something else. Because everything about this episode is everything good about Gilmore Girls.

Say Goodnight, Gracie

So much Jess. I know, I know. But this is the one where he runs away. Not the stupid backdoor pilot with his father’s family, just the like, running off one. A really good Luke and Jess fight. It’s all just, really super awesome good.

Season 4

Ted Koppel’s Big Night Out

The Harvard-Yale game was a great way to show what Yale means to Emily and Richard. Also this is when Lorelai starts dating Jason, who is one of my favorite disposable Lorelai Gilmore boyfriend. (Basically, other than Christopher or Luke).

The Incredible Sinking Lorelais

Jess returns. Also we meet Liz, Jess’s mother. And Trix is around at this point? I think.

Luke Can See Her Face

Luke realizes he’s in love with Lorelai, thanks to Liz, and we embark on the best part of the series for Lorelai. (Rory’s best storyline days are pretty much behind her at this point)

Last Week’s Fight/This Year’s Tights

Liz’s renaissance wedding, whole episode is worth Luke, Lorelai and Jess unable to stop giggling during the ceremony. Seriously, it might be the best scene in the entire show.

Season 5

Written In The Stars

Luke and Lorelai’s first date and also we meet Logan, who I’m still convinced would have been Tristan had One Tree Hill not existed. And the world would be a much less fanfictiony place…

The Party’s Over

Rory and Dean break up again. For good this time, and we start seeing that Logan is still a dick, but also sort of the best?

Wedding Bell Blues

Emily and Richard’s vow renewal, which has an epic Luke and Christopher fight, and epic Lorelai and Emily fight and the first time we see Kelly Bishop dance on the show also has another stellar Rory clothing moment. (Her best man tux is totes adorbs.)

But I’m A Gilmore

Rory meets Logan’s awful family for the first time. She wears a great dress though.

A House Is Not A Home

Rory stole a yacht, drops out of Yale and moves in with Emily and Richard in what is the worst and still kind of the best fight between Lorelai and her parents ever. Lorelai proposes to Luke after he buys a house for them and they’re just the freaking best.

Season 6

We’ve Got Magic To Do

OMG, when Emily goes all awesome bitch on Logan’s mom. God, it’s so freaking good. Also, it’s nice to see the beginnings of the family coming back together here.

Twenty One Is The Loneliest Number

Pretty much anytime The Gilmores try to integrate Luke into their life is hilarious. But Rory’s 21st birthday party is a winner.

Let Me Hear Your Balalaikas Ringing Out

“You dropped out of Yale? WHY DID YOU DROP OUT OF YALE?” Also, Jess calls Logan a dick to his face and it’s great.

You’ve Been Gilmored

Again, Luke trying to fit in with The Gilmores, and it’s fantastically great. This is also the episode where Logan saves the Yale Daily News and for some reason this gets Rory the job of editor. I’ve never been sure how that worked, like why Logan didn’t then become the editor?

The Real Paul Anka

Luke takes April to Philadelphia and they visit Jess. Also Rory shows up, upset about Logan sleeping with other women while they were broken up and they kiss and then she leaves to go back to Logan, and my ship sinks forever.

Season 7

Yeah, I’m not watching any of those episodes. They just make me sad. Maybe the episode where Rory and Paris graduate and the finale. I mean, maybe.

So I definitely watch these episodes, and maybe some others. But I won’t watch the whole show again. At least not right now.


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