Sailor Moon Check In: It’s Time To Make Up

Sailor Moon

Look, I’m sorry Sailor Moon, I know I haven’t been around much. I still love you. I totally still want to hang out, it’s just, I mean, look, have you met Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra? They’re like so cool!

So, if I haven’t been around for the past few weeks, that’s why. But can we be friends again? Because I mean, Team Avatar and Team Avatar 2.0 are great and cool and all, but after yesterday, I remember why we started hanging out. Seriously, I mean it. I’m really sorry for the neglect.

(By the way if being a week or so behind on Sailor Moon renders a need for an apology, I owe some of my fandoms big ones…)

But I’m here now. I did a little mini binge the other day. I’m caught up. I swear, after next week, Korra will go into regular schedule, and we’ll be all cool again, I promise!

So let’s check in step by step.


Nothing new.  Seriously, there simply hasn’t been time. It’s TV premier time, and did I mention the whole Avatar thing? Also, SO MANY COMICS!

Sailor Moon Crystal

According to the internet this was a bad episode. Seriously. The internet DID NOT LIKE IT. According to me personally? It was kind of fun. There was a neat conversation between Usagi and Mamoru where they straight up dispensed with secret identities, without dispensing with secret identities, which was very Batman/Wonder Woman of them. (The more distance I get from JLU the less I hate them…) Beryl met the Sailor Scouts but didn’t really do anything which was cool? Kind of strange? Definitely confusing. We got a teaser of Sailor Venus in her Sailor V get up. Which is, um, great, but also, Oof, that costume is. I mean, wow. Also Artemis. A name I still have trouble with for a male character since it’s a female name…Ugh. There’s a cool fight between The Senshi and Nephrite and then we see Moon Healing Escalation for the first time.

Also lots of shirtless Tuxedo Mask.

If you’re into that.

I’m not really.

Sailor Moon

OK, look, I get it, not everything can contribute to the big huge arcs, but the filler episodes are getting pretty tedious, which is why I wasn’t terribly upset to take a break last week and just watch Avatar and Korra instead. (Where at least in filler episodes, Sokka or Bolin generally do something awesome.) Tuxedo Mask is currently brainwashed. Rei has a new boyfriend. Mina is there. Also, Kunzite is really, really bad at indentifying The Sailor Senshi. I mean, he’s had that trapped in like seven traps by now, and he’s always like, “hmm, I know that Sailor Moon is clumsy. Thus I will throw a cotillion!” WHAT? “Princess Serenity was a wonderful ice skater, (again WHAT?) I shall corrupt some Gold Medal winners and find her.” These plans make no sense, none at all. Meanwhile, Tuxedo Mask keeps showing up and being like, “I don’t think this plan will work, but I will disrupt it and then also not capture Sailor Moon.” And then she gets all upset, because “Tuxedo Mask, why don’t you remember our love?” And I’m sort of over it.

I’m just saying that Nephrite was ineffective a lot on the time, but Kunzite is just like a big dummy.

I also checked out a couple episodes of the new English Dub. It’s good. I’m into it. I really like Mamoru’s voice. I think it suits him really well. Luna is another favorite. And just a quick reminder that I have not real nostalgia for the original dub, so this is all new for me and I have no real affection for it. But I did remember really liking Serena’s voice, so the new one for Usagi is a weird thing to adjust to.

So that’s where we are. I’m going to do an actually post about my new obsessions, once I’m all caught up with Legend of Korra, which should be after this weekend. Seriously, I’m obsessed. Weird spiritualism. Fun jokes. SO MUCH FEMINISM! Shipping, shipping everywhere!

So that’s where I am! Yay!


2 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Check In: It’s Time To Make Up

  1. Canada is very far behind in the original Sailor Moon anime at the moment. In fact, we are completely shut out, not having even gotten a simulcast of episode one yet.


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