DC Comics Wrap Up: 9/17/2014

There were a lot of comics this week. I felt a little bit queasy as I handed my credit card over, so because of the sheer volume, these write ups are going to be quick, and short. (Also, it’s a sports fandom weekend. I have the Yankee game today and the Giant game tomorrow, so, kind of busy. Also, there is Legend of Korra to binge watch…)

So let’s dive in.

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Red Hood And The Outlaws Future’s End #1: “Dark Days”

This was one of the ones I was really looking forward to, especially since Roy plays such a prominent role in Future’s End. But of course, we learned here that Roy has fulfilled his destiny of becoming a tremendous douche who’s mean to his friends, so that was kind of cool. The police are hunting Jason, and then Roy tracks him down, and shoots him in the head. He heals from this because appartently The Lazarus Pit made Jason Wolverine. Which is awesome. Then he hunts down mobsters and it’s pretty great.

Oh, and Kori went back to Tamaran to claim her throne. Which is cool, but kind of an afterthought, which continues my love hate relationship with this book and how it treats her.

Supergirl Future’s End #1: “The Perfect Enemy is Of The Good”

Brainiac has turned Kara into a cyborg, which frankly, kind of sucks, and she’s doing bad things with Cyborg Superman. Then Adam found the real Kara with the power of her love and she punched things. Look, I don’t love Supergirl for it’s overly complicated plots. I love it for the punching and the quips and the neat outfits. So this book delivered, as it usually does.

But next month she meets up with Jason. So YAY!

Teen Titans Future’s End #1

A bunch of teenage superheroes from Earth 2 take down a corrupt senator and a bussiness man who’s bankrolling him. They are Klarion, That Earth’s Kid Flash, and That Earth’s Aquaboy, who is a fish creature. Also The Heretic, who I’m like 90% sure is supposed to be Damian here. Because why else would he team up with the Titans?

Batman/Superman Future’s End #1: “Undone”

Batman writes Superman an angry letter about abandoning the world. Then he flashes back to why they’d be pissed at each other. Then he’s in a hospital. I thnk I have to stop reading this book, because it always just makes me sad. I like when Bruce and Clark go on buddy adventures together, not when they have angsty fights.

Wonder Woman Future’s End #1 & Superman Wonder Woman Future’s End #1

These two told one big story so I’m writing them up together. Diana has had a lot to do as The God Of War, what with The World War and all. So she’s still fighting to bring peace but also she’s fighting Nemesis. Clark has disappeared to that farm. You know, the farm that we always see him at, where he has a beard. But then he shows up again (but him 4 years ago, like, time traveling), and he and Diana go on a quest to end all war and she becomes the Goddess of Peace instead of The God of War. It’s pretty great. There’s lots of fighting and also a Wonder Woman uniform I would actually consider cosplaying. So that’s fun.

Justice League Future’s End #1

Continuing the story from Justice League United last week? Two weeks ago? Who can remember? Anyway, everyone’s on Mars, Captain Atom is evil. They fight him. He turned into Doctor Manhattan sometime in the past few years, which makes me sad, because Captain Atom was one of my favorite characters on JLU. Anyway, Equinox sends him to a mind prison where he’s human again. Yay Equinox! It’s hard to get too invested in her, because I barely know her at all, and all we do know about her is, “is Native American from Canada,” and “has ice powers.” (KORRA! KORRA HAS ICE POWERS!)

Batman And Robin Future’s End #1: “Brother’s In Arms.”

I don’t recognize this Robin, but allegedly he’s from Zero Year, so fine, whatever. Batman fights The Heretic, because, you know Heretic killed Damian and all that jazz. Heretic winds up dead, which is sad, because as I said in Teen Titans, I’m pretty sure this Heretic was Damian. Especially as he kept trying to get Batman to slow down and listen.

Future’s End #20

Tim/Cal breaks into Lois’s office which basically just confirms her whole, “You’re Red Robin thing.” Tim, you’re supposed to be the smart one remember? Why do the Robins not understand how boy bands work? Anyway, she says she won’t out him, he explains what happened. Basically, he barely survived and claimed amnesia and started a new life. Hoh boy, is that a lame plan. Anyway, he tells Madison the truth but she walks out on him. Bummer. Brother Eye and Mr. Terrific talk about how Brother Eye is going to kill Bruce in the future, or possibly the past. Didn’t really follow. Then he hires the B-Listers, who got caught to do it. Or Something. On Cadmus Island, FIfty Sue, Grifter, Farraday, Deathstroke and Lana, let’s call them “Team Fifty Sue,” decides they’re going to fight the Eye Infected Supers.

Multiversity: Society of Superheroes

This story made a lot more sense, but was way less bonkers and fun. On one of the alternate worlds, Immortal Man and Doctor Fate run The Society of Superheroes. They fight Vandal Savage, who can only be killed with a piece of the meteor that made him immortal. Savage tells them he’s working for The Gentry, which makes sense, and also, Immortal Man knows that he will be punished for destroying an immortal. There are cool cameos from obscure heroes who I recognize but couldn’t name. MORRISON!

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #2: “Taken Away” & “Brace Yourself”

Wonder Woman gets into a fight with a pundit about her religion and forsakes the gods. Then she starts losing her powers and gets a little freaked out. She fights Cheetah and barely wins. Turns out it’s all Doctor Psycho trying to rape the pundits fans. Wonder Woman stops rapes! Go Wonder Woman! (It sounds like I’m being sarcastic, but I’m not.)

In Brace Yourself we get a new but old Origin for Diana and it’s great and PAY ATTENTION MOVIE PEOPLE, this is how you do it. She continually challenges her mother and learns from losing. She talks to a statue of Athena. She challenges her sisters to become Wonder Woman and the ambassador to man’s world. It’s really really good and would make an excellent first 20 minutes of a movie. Just saying.

See you tomorrow for Marvel!


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