3 and 4

Quick post today, but hey, guess what starts in 3 days!

Gotham Logo


And in 4?


So a couple of quick thoughts on each of these wonderful things:

  • Normally I give new shows like 2 episodes to decide if I like it, and 5 to hook me if I do. I’m giving Gotham the whole season, because it’s Gotham. Also, because of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D’s slow start.
  • Speaking of AOS and it’s slow start, luckily this year, there are no Marvel releases during the season to navigate. So there’s no excuse this time. You’ve built a great foundation here Whedons, don’t squander it.
  • I really, really can’t wait to see Ben McKenzie punching people on my TV again.
  • Director Coulson!
  • Detective Bullock!
  • No idea what’s going to happen.

So yeah, that’s what happening there. See you tomorrow!


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