Girl Meets Nostalgia: Makovers!

So, Girl Meets World back, after a few weeks of hiatus, and while I’m glad for that, this week’s episode did not spark any particular nostalgia in me. Which is great from Girl Meets World as a show, but not so great for this column.

But I think I have it cracked for this episode, at least. I don’t know if it’s sustainable.

So, here we go:

Farkle is on the debate team and Maya, Riley and Lucas go to his meet and watch him do well, that is until a brilliant girl from another school defeats him easily. They try to make him feel better but being that he’s Farkle, he just hits on them awkwardly and leaves. The other girl then tries and fails miserably at flirting with Farkle. She comes to Maya and Riley for a makeover and of course, taking her hair out of pigtails, and removing her glasses she’s gorgeous.

Of course, Farkle, still not interested thinks she’s trying to sabotage him. And when this girl gets a crush on Lucas. Anyway, you get the point.

Lucas joins the debate team and wins the debate (which has the bullshit existential topic of “Is beauty skin deep?”) by giving a rousing speech about how he’s more than just his pretty face, and he wants to go to a good college.

You tell em Lucas.

The B plot was Augie worrying about alienating Eva, his girlfriend and Topanga telling him that he doesn’t have to stay with one person forever and asked where he got the idea that he did?

He looked at her and horrified she said, “Oh God! How many people have the idea of Corey and Topanga ruined?”

I’ll tell you.


You destroyed love for an entire generation.

I’m exaggerating, but I mean, between Corey and Topanga and Zach and Kelly, when I didn’t meet my soulmate in high school, I was very worried. Other strange influences that Boy Meets World had on my life. I had to wear a red dress to my Sweet 16. I refused to not have one, despite trying on several very pretty, much more flattering blue and black dresses. Why was I so insistent? Topanga wore one. I’m sure there are other examples, but that’s the one that I think is funniest.

I mean, obviously, Boy Meets World had an impact on me. I’m writing this blog post because of the impact that it had. Girl Meets World exists because the show had an impact on a lot of people and they now want to share it with their kids and younger siblings, friends and just kids in general. I don’t actually think that Corey and Topanga ruined love for my generation, but maybe dating.

They might have ruined dating.

So that’s our dose of nostalgia this week. Again, I’m glad the show is standing on it’s own two feet, it needed to happen. Just makes writing this sort of difficult.


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