Marvel Comics Wrap Up: 9/10/2014

Hi Guys! I’m really loving Marvel these days because it’s so nice and happy (compared to all the sad, sad things that are happening in DC). But I’m also reading fewer books these days. (Only 4 this week, if you don’t count Kamala, which of course I do, but she’s not in the write up.)

photo (33)

So it’s time to dive in.

The Amazing Spider-Man #6:

Cindy saves Peter from being unmasked on TV. Then he and Annamaria and Cindy all stop Black Cat from killing him, which is great. Also they depowered Electro. But for the most part, it was just nice to see Peter and Anna Maria be friends and Peter and Cindy make out a lot. No matter what happens in the end, I’m happy to see Cindy as a character, she’s kind of a breath of fresh air and I like watching her and Peter work together. And I really like the idea of her as J. Jonah Jameson’s intern.

Avengers #34.1:

How is it possible that this Hyperion story is one of the best Superman stories I’ve read in a while? Ugh. Anyway. Hyperion is still trying to find his way here on 616, just as he did a long time ago on his own world. He helps find a young boy who’s been kidnapped, he uses his powers and his extraordinary will to do the right thing to do it, and it’s all pretty awesome. He asserts himself as as symbol of being good and an inspiration to others. Because, I mean, Superman right? Action Comics Future’s End tried to do something similar and this was a good deal more clear about it.

Captain Marvel #7: “Higher, Further, Faster, More Part 6”

Tic has decided that she wants to be Carol’s second, which is pretty great. But Carol is having a recurring nightmare about letting down the Avengers. But that’s going to have to be dealt with that later, because Tic, Carol and Rocket Racoon are on her ship, and they’re fighting some stuff. Also, it turns out that Carol’s Cat, Chewie, is not a cat, but a Flerken, which lays it’s eggs towards the end. Also, Rocket wants to sell her. I somehow don’t see Carol being OK with that. And I’m interested in how the Flerken works out.

Deadpool #34: “The One With The Super-Rare 3-D Cover”

By making fun of the 90’s something really crazy happened, we got a hilarious tie in to Original Sin, saw the idea of Deadpool, and Alpha Flight for what they were, strange decisions that somehow caught on. But the large overused word balloons are there, the flashy barely discernable splash pages, and of course, Deadpool killing his parents not long after Ellie’s birth. It’s just a really fun, funny issue and I’m definitely OK with it. I liked it a lot.



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