DC Comics Wrap Up: 9/10/2014

More Future’s End this week, and I know it’s supposed to be a horrible dystopian future and all but well, I mean, it’s so depressing, I really can’t wait for September to be over so that we can have some fun, you know?

But this week was really, really great and cool, and we got some interesting stories that again, alternate future.

photo (32)

Batgirl Future’s End #1: “Darker In The Soul”

I’m going to miss Gail Simone’s Batgirl so much, and this issue is just kind of proof positive why she really was the perfect person to bring Batgirl into The New 52. Two years in the future, Barbara married a cop named Steve but on their wedding night, James Jr. killed him, because, I mean, of course. Shattered, Babs went off the map, trained with Bane and returned to Gotham as The Bete Noir. She also founded The League of Batgirls which is ten kinds of awesome and is made up of Cassandra Caine, Stephanie Brown and Tiffany Fox. Then Bane comes and they fight him and beat him, because she’s the best. Now TO BURNSIDE!

Batman Future’s End #1: “Remains”

Lex Luthor is trying to clone Superman again. So Bruce steels it to clone himself because the world must always have a Batman, and he’s alienated all of his proteges, and he’s like 40 years from meeting Terry.

Birds of Prey Future’s End #1: “The Red League”

Black Canary took over The League of Shadows and made it into a gang of avenging women who free other women who have been sexually trafficked because in case you didn’t know, she’s the best. Dinah and her girls go after a mob boss, and they run into Bete Noire, and it turns out this gave Babs the idea for The League of Batgirls. So that’s pretty cool. The guy killed himself and one of his victims comes along and joins the team.

Justice League United Future’s End #1: “Home World Part 1 of 2”

Equinox saves a trucker from some robot polarbears, which is very Canadian of her. Then she gets a message from Martian Manhunter that he’s in trouble so she and Animal Man go to the current Justice League to go to Mars, where they’ve built a prison for supervillains. But it turns out that it was a trap set by Captain Atom? Who’s a bad guy now? Whatever, we’ll see what happens

World’s Finest Future’s End #1: “Breaking”

Karen breaks into the Cadmus facility in order to get Helena, who she’s pretty sure is being tortured, but she meets up with Deathstroke and Fifty Sue instead, and Fifty Sue is MAD at her, and gets her captured. Also the new Power Girl is there and Karen dies in Helena’s arms and it’s very sweet.

Future’s End #19

Terry and the B-Listers break into Terrifitech finally, and we find out why Plastique is so freaked out. The cyborg that Terry brought back with him was made of her. Billy tried to convince Lois to sit on the story but she won’t. Ray Palmer talks to a robot. A brainwashed Power Girl, being controlled by Brother Eye, attacked Lana and Deathstroke but turns out he cut a deal with Fifty Sue so they’re fine. Also, Tim read the story about Billy/Superman and I’m sure that will be significant.

Alright, so that’s what happened there. See you tomorrow for Marvel!




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