Sailor Moon Check In: Epics In Cute Outfits

Hey guys, it’s a Crystal week, so obviously, it’s time for me to do a Sailor Moon Check In. (Yup, this is a regular thing now…but as football and TV seasons gear up, I reserve the right to drop it.) And OH BOY! Do I ever have some checking in to do!

Sailor Moon

But first let’s talk Sailor Guardian fashion and how much I love it. I love it so much. My favorite part of reading the manga is the little sketches at the beginning of each chapter of the different characters in different kinds of outfits. Aside from, of course just their normal Sailor outfits, which are in and of themselves completely fabulous.

Also, while reading yesterday, I wished, not for the first time that I could draw, because I have this image of Chibi-Usa and Damian Wayne talking about wanting to become a hero to please their parents, and how impossible it is to live up to your mom being Sailor Moon and your dad being Batman. (Also their weird Oedipal stuff with Mamo-chan and Talia…but I mean, maybe in a part 2?) Anyone want to draw this for me?

But let’s check in with each level.


I finished the Manga on Sunday! I kept picking up volume after volume. Seriously, I hadn’t read it in weeks, just because I was busy, and I’m trying to read books that like, don’t have pictures in them for a little while. I feel my brain being melty and my focus issues are out of control these days. Reading has always been my way to focus on something and while manga and comics have given me so much in the past year, prose literature has given me more over 26 years, and I need to get back. BUT! Yesterday, I picked up volume 7, mostly because I knew I would be writing this and wanted to say something besides, uhh, haven’t read it in a while. And I just kept going, I fell in love with the outer planet guardians, in particular Saturn, who’s another character I remember liking a lot from my casual watches as a kid. But wow, is she ever creepy and great and awesome. Also, I was just weirdly obsessed with the planet Saturn as a kid. Like, I don’t know where that came from, or what I found so compelling but yeah, that was there.

Also, as far as fashion goes, Sailor Galaxia wins, she wins a  million times over. Her outfit is STINKING AWESOME!

And that final battle is too cool, and I love when Usagi realizes what she needs to do, I love Chibi-Chibi and Sailor Cosmos. I was just so completely blown away. Now, I have to pick up the short story collections, because I am an insane completest. (Which is why I tend to wait until I can binge on something, and why I resisted comics for so long.) So stay tuned for that.

Sailor Moon Crystal

Guys! Oh my God! Mako, right? You’ll recall the last time I declared her “the cutest thing ever,” and this completely carries over to her portrayal and introduction on Crystal. She’s this sweet quiet girl who seems to not be sure of herself and specifically her body. I mean, is it just me or does this version of Mako seem like those kids who have a quick growth spurt, and don’t know how to deal with their suddenly long limbs? That and that clearly all of the people who are at all connected to The Silver Millenium just kind of know that Usagi is Sailor Moon. Mako and Tuxedo Mask specifically, just are like, “Oh, hey Usagi, go be Sailor Moon now, thanks.” I also just love that Sailor Jupiter’s attack is literally throwing flowers at enemies. I love it in the manga, I loved the way it was animated here.

Because I’m impatient, I love the way that the story moves so quickly in Crystal. Just one important moment after the other. Also, now Usagi has the moon stick. But also, mostly Mako.

Oh and Rei actually said, “I don’t trust men.” So that was fun.

Sailor Moon Original Anime

GUYS THE NEW ENGLISH DUB IS UP AND NOW I CAN WATCH IT WHILE FALLING ASLEEP WITHOUT FEELING LIKE I’M MISSING SOMETHING. OK, so it’s only the first 23 episodes, which I’ve watched already, but this will make rewatching worlds easier. I don’t mind reading subtitles but it makes passive viewing impossible. Looking away for a second means you  might miss important plot information and be confused for the rest of the episode. Also, watching when kind of tired, as I often do, because I watch at night after work and the gym, is likewise difficult. Now I can rewatch episodes. (And rewatch I will.) But anyway, in non dubbed news, where am I in that story? Last week, I was two weeks behind so I had 4 episodes to watch and then two this week. But here’s what’s going on.

All 5 of the main Guardians are now assembled. Which is great, the lack of Venus was starting to irk me because, I mean, Mina’s great. We also at least have location on all of the rainbow crystals, and it has been revealed that Usagi is the Moon Princess. Of course, she also gets her memories back, (as does Mamoru), as he lies about to die in her arms. This kind of zaps Usagi’s energy and drive to fight, and even Rei slapping her in the face doesn’t bring her back. Only when she has to save her friends does she do that.

This moment broke my heart almost completely. I’ve said before that I relate to Usagi and Rei is who I wish I was more like. That really hit home in the two episodes posted this week. But of course the fact that Mina took Usagi to get a hair cut to rouse her from her depression also kind of made perfect sense to me.

Alright! So that’s where we are with that! Hooray!




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