Marvel Comics Wrap Up: 9/3/2014

So it’s time for Marvel. Original Sin is over. Hooray! Now we can just relax and stop caring about the things I care about in the Marvel Universe. Everyone running around cracking jokes and kicking butts.

And Angel and X-23 hooking up some more, I mean, obviously that too.

But for now let’s dive in.

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Black Widow #10: “Total Recall”

Hawkeye and Nat are fighting over her lawyer, or possibly the guy who kidnapped him. I don’t know, there’s a motorcycle chase in Islamabad, and Clint is shooting at her and it’s really, really cool and fun, and spy-ish and everything. It ends with Nat saying that she needs “someone angry.” I can only assume that means next month we get Hulk.

Captain America #24:

Zola and Red Skull release a bunch on Monsters on New York to keep the Avengers busy while they try to blow up New York. Ian and Sharon discover this, while Falcon and um, Zola’s daughter who’s name I cannot remember fight Zola. Sam eventually grabs the bomb and flies it into space after making Steve promise that he’ll marry Sharon and live out the rest of his life. Of course Sam isn’t going to die, but it’s a lovely gesture.

Figment #4: “Journey Into Imagination Part 4”

Blair, Figment, Fye and Chimera get separated in the Nightmarescape. But Blair realizes that if he let’s his imagination (personified in Figment) is the strongest weapon they have. And so Blair becomes “The Dreamcaster” and they head back to London. Of course London is being controlled by the Robots that The Chairman imagined and I guess they’re all going to have to fight those which is going to be fun. I’m completely charmed by Fye as a character and hopefully we get to know everyone a little bit better as the story goes on.

Hawkeye Vs. Deadpool #0

So it’s Halloween and everyone’s really excited to go to Hawkeye’s place, because he gives away full size bars. But not this year. this year just funsize. When a guy shows up on Clint’s doorstep asking for help, he turns him away, and they guy runs off. Then Deadpool and Ellie and Preston and a few other kids come and complain about the Candy, then the guy turns up dead and a bunch of guys dressed as superheroes try to kill Hawkeye and Deadpool. Turns out the guy worked for the mob and has stolen all of the identity of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. So, that’s what’s going to happen here.

Legendary Star-Lord #3

Peter’s in jail again and he’s with a Spartax spy. It’s Badoon jail. He of course got there because he was hitting on a girl who cashed him in for the bounty….because he’s Peter. There’s also a little Badoon boy in jail with them. They get out, because Peter calls Kitty who dresses up as a giant bannana and sings “Hooked On A Feeling” at the guards. This is actually a thing that happened. They get on the ship and it’s sentient, dump the Spartax spy and take the kid, who Peter names “Tiberius” to that orphanage from issue #1. Then he flirts with the woman who runs it but goes back to his ship and flirts with Kitty. The ship mentions they’re headed to earth, but they’re going to fight Thanos…and I guess, not make out with Kitty? It’s a bummer.

Original Sins #8: “The One Who Watches”

So, Nick Fury killed the Watcher so that he could become The Watcher, but he didn’t want to. Midas is dead and his daughter is in possesion of one of his hands and wants to start their empire over. The Orb is super creepy and watching murders with one of the watcher’s eyes. Fury is chained to the moon forced to watch the world turn without him. And Bucky is killing lots of people, because that’s what he does.

Rocket Raccoon #3: “A Chasing Tale Part 3”

Rocket, Groot and Macho manage to outrun the Ex-Terminators, but they still don’t know why Rocket’s ex girlfriends are trying to kill him, beyond just, his life sort of going that way. They do manage to make it to a planet with Macho’s friends after a brightly colored space battle. Also, it turns out the other Raccoon is now there. This is going to be fun.

She Hulk #8: “The Good Old Days Part 1”

So, Captain America needs a lawyer because he’s being sued for wrongful death. After Jen, Angie and Patsy fangirl over Steve (even though he’s all old now), they accept the case pro bono. It turns out that it’s in California, so they need an office to work out of. Jen, of course, calls Matt Murdoch, who turns them down. They wind up with a sleezy entertainment lawyer instead, and also everyone is uncomfortable about how old Cap’s oldness for a little while. But as he points out, “I was always 90…” Jen hulks out to stop some paparazzi, they go to trial and it turns out that the other lawyer is GASP Matt Murdoch! So…this’ll be fun. (I hope they flirt more. I like it when Matt and Jen flirt…)

So that’s where we are.  Thanks for putting up with my tardiness this weekend. My Aunt got married and my cousin from Ireland was here. So I was all being social and not reading/writing about comic books.


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